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Over 60 Short Hairstyles

over 60 short hairstyles












Helen Mirren Sophisticated and Trendy Short Hairstyle

Helen Mirren is a source of endless inspiration for women over sixty who want to find a hairstyle that is sophisticated and mature yet still youthful and trendy. Unlike many women of her age category, Helen foregoes coloring her locks and instead opts to allow a terrific, sophisticated and trendy hairstyle to take top place and show off her beautiful, natural hair color.

Helen Mirren’s sophisticated and trendy hairstyle for mature women shows that you do not have to tint your tresses to maintain a youthful appearance. Helen looks positively gorgeous thanks to a well maintained hairdo that compliments her face.

If you too want to wear your natural hair color, but still want to have a sophisticated and trendy look, emulate a cut like Helen’s and you will not go wrong.







style steps hairstyles for older women

Wash your hair with products designed for your hair type and natural color

Detangle using a wide tooth comb and distribute a small dab of styling lotion throughout with your fingertips

With a round brush, blow dry your hair in small sections. Roll your bangs under while drying as well as your sides. When drying the top of your hair, lift at the crown and focus on drying your roots upward. This will provide you with maximum volume. You can tousle gently with your finger tips if you wish for a slightly messier finish

Once your hair is dry, back comb slightly around through the crown for volume

If desired, use a large barrelled curling iron throughout the sides, back and bangs to create softness, this step can easily be skipped however

Apply styling pomade to your finger tips and gently pinch the ends of your hair lightly for just the slightest amount of texture

Mist with hairspray for hold


style variations
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A simple cut, especially one with blunt ends, will keep your appearance young and your end result incredibly posh.
Enjoy, this over 60 short hairstyle


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