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Over 60 Hairstyles

Over 60 hairstyles have come so far it is almost unbelievable. It seems as if women over 60 are of a mature enough age to not care what others may think.

Over 60 Hairstyles

Hairstyles For Women Sixty And Over

It is an incredibly refreshing attitude, as women over 60 can look out of this world in any hairstyle that they want as long as it is flattering to their features and hair type. You can find women over 60 from all walks of life wearing their locks long or short, trendy, casual, chic and more.

Not to mention, there are many mature women who are also opting to get rid of the color and are going natural. Sporting your over 60 hairstyle in your natural white or grey shade can actually be very flattering.

You do not have to waste the time or money coloring your hair if you do not wish to. The added bonus of allowing yourself to grey naturally is that you can look wonderful with a low maintenance style.

However, if you have an over 60 hairstyle and you want to keep a color, it is generally more practical to select a hue that is a shade or even two lighter than your natural tresses. There are a couple of reasons for doing this.

First of all, being as your roots will now probably be grey, they will not be as noticeable in between colorings. Second of all, the tone and texture of skin can change somewhat as we age, which means a slightly lighter shade will actually make you appear softer and more youthful.

Deep, dark colors can be ageing on mature women. Essentially, when it comes to selecting the right over 60 hairstyle for yourself, following your heart is the best idea. Do not let something as trivial as age stand in the way of selecting a style that you love.

Short Hairstyles

Rita Moreno HairstyleVery Short Crop Style
This short crop hairstyle features star Rita Moreno in a crop style that has a sassy look, perfect for her thick locs. Keeping her natural hair color and cutting lots of very short layers gives a crop style with pizzazz!

Hairstyles For Over 60 Holland TaylorHairstyles For Over 60
Short Flipped Layers Featuring Holland Taylor, short, chic layers are an ideal example of how you should alter your hair slightly as you age and you do not have to downplay your beauty or sense of style

Tina Brown HairstyleShort Stylish Hairstyles
Short, A little Messy, But Stylish Featuring Tina Brown with a short stylish hairstyle, a little on the messy side this hairstyle can take years off. Try this style for travel plans where styling aids are limited.

Medium Hairstyles

Shera   Danes HairstyleMid Length Hairstyles
Easy Mid Length One of the reasons that Shera Danese looks so attractive is the fact that her hairstyle is incredibly flattering which can take years off of your age. It is almost impossible to believe that someone as beautiful is over sixty.

Women Over 60 Hairstyles Blythe DannerWomen Over 60 Hairstyles
Soft Waves Featuring Blythe Danner, a full, wavy hairstyle that is a tremendously appealing option for mature women. Long brow brushing bangs draw the eye away from a large forehead.

Layered Medium Hairstyle Over 60 Joey Behar Layered Medium Hairstyle
Full And Fabulous Featuring Joy Behar, extensive layers enable you to flick out your hair and to implement as much volume and fullness as you need.

Stefanie Powers HairstyleOver 60 Hair Styles
Medium Layered Hairstyle Featuring Stephanie Powers, A multi layered medium hairstyle for a chic look and classy feel. Stylish enough to wear out yet is just as suitable for casual situations.

Longer Hairstyles

Full Layered Hairstyle Morgan FairchildFull Layered Hairstyle
Long Full Layered Hairstyle Do you want to keep your hair long as you age? See how beautifully Morgan Fairchild wears a long full layered hairstyle

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Updated December 10, 2011

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Stefanie Powers HairstyleOver 60 Hair Styles
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