Over 60 Hair Styles

Over 60 hair styles are more versatile than ever.  A multi layered hairstyle such as this one offers a suave, chic look that maintains a classy feel. It is the type of hairstyle that is stylish enough to wear out yet is just as suitable for casual situations as well.

Over 60 Hair StylesStephanie Powers

Stefanie Powers multi layered hairstyle is very complimentary for a mature woman over sixty. It really does not matter what type of hair that you have, what is important is that you select a cut that works with the texture of your hair.

Although Stephanie Powers has fine locks, they do not look limp or lifeless. This is because Stefanie’s multi layered hairstyle offers her the appearance of body and the illusion of more thickness than she really has.

Stefanie’s wispy, long bangs are ideal for disguising a forehead that may be showing some signs of age, offering a youthful look.  This easy to care for, simple to style multi layered hairdo is not just for mature women like Stefanie Powers it is suitable for ladies of all ages.


  • Start with clean damp hair.
  • Comb through to remove tangles.
  • Evenly apply styling mousse or gel.
  • Blow dry your hair in small, easy to manage section using a round brush while you dry
  • While drying, lift at the crown to give your style volume. 
  • Pull the brush through your hair downward, drying as you go, rolling your ends under. 
  • Dry your bangs first to the left, then to the right, and finally under 
  • Once your hair is completely dry, use a large barrel curling iron to roll the ends of your hair under.
  • Styling pomade can be smoothed over your hair with your palms and finger tips for some shine and control. 
  • Avoid using on the crown of your hair as it will weigh your style down.

Jane Fonda's Shag 

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