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Featuring Sharon Osbourne

over 50 short hairstyles

For a woman in her mid 50’s, Sharon Osbourne is far funkier than some ladies half her age and sports one of the top over 50 short hairstyles.

Sharon Osbourne’s hip cropped hairstyle is a sensational example of using your hairstyle to reflect your personality.

Her cropped locks with jagged layers say volumes about who Sharon is without her ever having to say a word.

Sharon’s cropped locks are tapered and razored to add funk, depth and dimension to her style. The use of varying red and dark shades throughout her locks add an additional fun element.

Sharon’s hue happy hairdo, reiterates the fact that you can take a rather simple cut and take it to a whole new level just by being adventurous enough to try something daring.

Often, as it does with Sharon, the results are worth it.
Enjoy, over 50 short hairstyles







style steps hairstyles for older women

Wash your hair with products made for your hair type Work a dollop of styling mousse through damp hair with your fingers

Use a small round brush while drying your hair. The back of your hair should be dried under starting at the nape. While drying, pull your hair out and down and curl the ends of your hair around the brush. The sides of your hair need to be dried down and pulled towards your face.

Make sure to put the brush at your roots and lift while drying your crown so you can provide your hairdo with an abundance of lift

Once your hair is fully dry, use a comb to tease your hair through the crown and down into the sides for fullness.

Work gently as you do not want to damage your hair If desired, you can use a medium to large barrelled curling iron to create fullness through your crown and sides

Coat your fingertips lightly in hair wax and pull them through the middle downward in the back of your hair, pinching as you go, pushing your hair in different directions for a messy look

The sides should be waxed down, with the face framing pieces pulled forward, towards your cheeks. Use the styling wax sparingly on your roots, although some can be applied to help you maintain your volume

Direct your bang to the right, also with the styling wax, creating a sweep off to the side. A dime sized amount of smoothing shine rubbed between your palms can be smoothed over your hair for gloss. Mist liberally with a medium hold hair spray


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over 50 short hairstyle

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Over 50 Short Hairstyle ~ Sharon Osbourne

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