Over 50 Hairstyles

There was a time, when over 50 hairstyles were short, generally permed and typically boring. Thankfully those days are long behind us. 

Close Up Full Layers

These days, women over fifty have the same hairstyle selections to choose from as younger women do.  In fact, the mature woman, only has to take into consideration the same elements that any woman does when selecting a hairstyle. 

Choosing Your Cut And Color

You want a cut and color that compliment your face shape, that shows off your personality and that works with your hair type and texture. 

Beyond that, when looking for an over 50 hairstyle, you really only need to find what will suit your lifestyle and styling needs.

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Choosing Your Length

Hairstyles for women over 50 can be anything length that you like as well.  Granted, you want a cut that will flatter you, and if that means you can sport long locks, than feel free to do so. 

The best advice as always is to speak with a professional stylist when choosing an over 50 hairstyle.  Let them know what you are seeking and they can offer advice on working with your own face shape and features.

Regardless of your age cuts with layers are very becoming as they can be styled to hide numerous flaws.  Your cut should be able to maximize the features you want to draw attention to while masking those you would rather downplay. 

Age is just a number, do not let it determine what type of hairstyle that you choose. Rather, when seeking a hairstyle for women over 50, pick something you love and modify the cut to suit you, not yourself to suit a cut. 

Versatility is also an important factor when picking an over 50 haircut.  The modern woman is just as busy in her 50's as are younger ladies. Select a look that is easily modified for any and all situations that you may find yourself in. 

Bob Styles

Judy Craymer Hairstyle

Bob For Fine Hair

Hair types with fine locks can be used to artfully hide certain features, a wide nose can be made to  appear more narrow. 

Katie Couric Hairstyle

Hairstyles Bob

Katie Couric styles a sleek and sexy bob perfect for a wide or fat face, this style also helps reduce a wide chin area.

Short Styles

Sharon Osbourne Hairstyle

Over 50 Short Hairstyles

Style Sharon Osbourne's short hairstyle, one of the funky short hairstyles for women over 50.

Susan Boyle Hairstyle

Susan Boyle Hairstyles

Susan updated her look with new cut, style, and color, soft layers and a warm brown hue that makes this mature woman appear more youthful. 

Mid Length Styles

Christine Baranski Hairstyle

Easy Everyday Hairstyles 

Christine Baranski with an easy everyday hairstyle, a bob variation all back off the face to show those beautiful features.

Kathy Lee Gifford Hairstyle

Fun Flicked Hairstyle

Kathie wears a sliced shag with flicked out ends for a fun hairstyle. A great way to wear a medium length shag.

Mary Hart Hairstyle

Classy Wavy Medium Hairstyle

Love Mary Hart,s style, get her wavy hairstyle with a classy look for women over 50.

Christine Ebersole Hairstyle

Medium Wavy Hairstyle

Christine Ebersole styles a medium wavy look, a little on the messy side and with lots of texture creating a soft sexy hairstyle for a woman over 50. 

Candice Bergen Hairstyle

Modern Flip Hairstyle

A 60's flip with a modern twist for Candice Bergen, Candice blends a classic flip style with up to date touches. 

Longer Lengths

Lynda Carter Hairstyle

Half Back Half Down Hairstyle

Lynda Carter, well into her fifties wears a half back hairstyle , long layers add body and bounce.

Mary Steenburgen Hairstyle

Sexy Layered Hairstyle 

Mary Steenburgen, over 50 wears a sexy longer hairstyle with deep rich color.

Leeza Gibbons Hairstyle

Layered Hair Styles 

Leeza Gibbons wears longer hair, the trick is face framing layers, good styles for women with long face shapes.

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