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Over 50 Hairstyle

An over 50 hairstyle has come a very long way.

Hairstyles Over Fifty

Thank goodness the days are long gone where if you were over fifty you were delegated to wearing your locks in the same style that you grandma used to sport!

Thanks in part to the fact that there are a number of beautiful women in Hollywood who are over fifty and have hairstyles that are envied by women of all ages, ladies have learned that they too can allow their hairstyles to age in the chicest of ways.

Vanessa Redgrave, Diane Sawyer and Barbra Walters are just a few examples of women over fifty with hairstyles that are classic yet sophisticated and even playful when necessary.

These days, there are virtually no rules when it comes to hairstyles for those over the age of fifty.

Anything goes as long as you feel like you look good and that you are happy with the hairstyle of your choice. Women over fifty are wearing their locks long, clipped short or in beautiful medium length styles that look fabulous.

Everything from bangs that brush the brows, interesting colors, highlights and more work to make hairstyles over fifty a delight. This particular hairstyle for those who are over fifty is very becoming as it is designed to work with a range of face shapes and hair types.

If this is a look you would like, you can alter the hairstyle to suit your own hair and its unique needs.

For example, you could play a bit more with highlights and color to offer the appearance of additional volume. The layers in this over fifty hairstyle offer volume and movement which is especially appealing for ladies who have fine locks.

The bangs on this over 50 hairstyle can draw your eye away from a large sized forehead and can be worn down or swept gently to the side. This is also a fantastic hairstyle for the over fifty age group as the wispy ends keep your overall look youthful and yet elegant.

Implementing short to medium length layers throughout the crown of this hairstyle for women over fifty also offers volume throughout that you can play up or down as the occasion calls for.

Although this hairstyle for women over fifty does not have enough length to allow for you to pull it back, you still are afforded a number of styling techniques.

This is a brilliant hairstyle in that it ranges from completely casual to incredibly formal depending on how you style your hair that day.

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Updated February 23, 2012

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