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Over 40 Medium Hairstyle

over 40 medium hairstyle












Over 40 Hairstyle ~ Faith Hill's Medium Layered Hairstyle

Faith Hill’s lovely layered hairstyle is an over 40 medium hairstyle and is designed to flatter practically all older or mature women. This layered look comes with the added bounce of adding lift and volume to all hair types, especially for the mature woman who has fine locks.

The layers in Faith Hill’s hairstyle are wispy throughout the back so that her style has an abundance of shape and all of the movement she could ever want. The layers throughout the top have been worked in to compliment the layers on the sides.
Enjoy, Over 40 medium hairstyle







style steps hairstyles for older women

On freshly washed and combed hair, use your fingers to distribute a golf ball sized amount of styling mousse throughout

With the edge of your comb, create a center part working from your forehead backward

Using a medium sized round brush, dry in small sections. Begin at the nape of your neck and pull down gently towards the ends while drying. You can roll your hair under or over the brush to add volume and fullness to your ends. While drying your sides, pull the hair towards your face and turn the ends under slightly. Lift at the roots while drying so that you can add in volume.

Besides lifting the roots, also direct the area from just below the crown down, first to the right and then to the left, this is an ideal way to encourage body and wave. Your bangs need to be dried forward and to the right, work from underneath your hair and start at the roots and work the brush down to the ends as you dry

Use styling wax on your fingers to pull your hair out in the back starting from the mid-length and tugging out and up. One the sides, again from the mid-lengths pinch while going downward. Bring your fingers through your bangs and directing them to the side

Wax can also be used in moderation on your roots, simply use your fingers once again while lifting at the crown for volume

A dab of smoothing shine in the palms of your hands can be distributed from the mid point of your hair to the ends if desired A slight misting of soft hold hairspray will help to keep your style in place


medium hairstyle over 40

This layered look is youthfully topped off with a gentle bang that drapes lightly to the side and which draws the eye away from any lines that you may wish to camouflage.

A layered hairstyle like Faith Hill's is also the right choice for the mature woman who leads a busy life.

Its practical and simple to take care of yet is still sexy and fun.


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Over 40 Medium Hairstyle September 14, 2009

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