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Over 40 Mature Bob Hairstyle

Featuring Mariska Hargitay

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Television siren Mariska Hargitay proves that despite a mature age, you can still sizzle. Her innovative hairdo is incredibly sexy and an utterly fantastic over 40 mature bob hairstyle.

When you have a feature that is beautiful and that you wish to show off, the right haircut can do that. In Mariska Hargitay’s case it happens to be her gorgeous neck.

With a cut clipped to the chin and flared slightly back, Mariska is able to draw eyes to her neck and away from other areas on her face that may not be as flattering.

The crown of Mariska Hargitay’s over 40 mature bob hairstyle is back combed to provide volume with numerous contrasting layers which gives this style its sexy flair.

This is a very versatile hairdo as it can be worn in Mariska’s style for any special event, however, you can skip the teasing and additional styling if desired for day to day and more casual situations.
Enjoy, this over 40 mature bob hairstyle






style steps hairstyles for older women

Wash your hair with the proper products for your hair type

Work a small palmful of styling mousse through your damp hair with your fingers

Use the edge of your comb to form a part starting from the middle of your left eye and pulling the comb backward

While drying, use a large round brush and work in small sections.

Begin at the nape of your neck and blow dry under. The sides of your hair should also be dried under, however, while drying, move your brush around in a curving motion for body.

When drying your roots, lift so that you can implement height. Also, direct your hair towards the left.

Your bangs can be dried to offer volume as well if you like, but make sure you direct them to the right.

Also when drying your crown, direct your ends in an outward motion to give your hairdo the sexy flair you are looking for.

Once your hair is fully dry, back comb at the roots to give yourself as much height through the crown as you want. You can also back comb the sides and through the back if desired

A dab of smoothing shine in your palms can be smoothed over your hair from the mid length down

Mist generously with hair spray for hold


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