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Over 40 Long Hair

Featuring Marcia Cross

over 40 long hair

As Desperate Housewives resident Queen of perfection, many people look to how Marcia Cross styles her hair for inspiration for over 40 long hair.

With this stunning half back hairstyle, she is the ideal choice to imitate.

When you choose a half back hairstyle like Marcia Cross’s, you are privy to a hairdo that is a flexible option for many occasions and can be easily adapted to your own styling preferences.

For example, your hair only needs to be long enough to pull half of it back to sport this look. Also, you can opt to make the half back portion as loose or as tight as you want which will really alter the overall appearance.

You can get even more variation with Marcia Cross’s half back hairstyle by varying the height of the back part of the hairdo as well.

Marcia Cross wears a hairstyle that was once thought of as only for young girls and shows that it is more than an exceptional choice for women of all ages
Enjoy, over 40 long hair






style steps hairstyles for older women

Wash your hair with products created for your own hair type

Detangle with a wide tooth comb and then evenly spritz a light mist of texturizing spray over damp strands

Blow dry your hair while using your fingers to gently tousle your locks

When your hair is dry, use a brush or a comb to pull the top half of your hair back.

Secure the pulled back portion as high or as low as loose or as tight as you desire.

Make use of a coated elastic band or jeweled clip to add some flair to your hairdo

Use styling pomade rubbed between your palms to smooth softly over your hair.

Also, apply styling wax to the ends of your locks with your fingertips to texturized your ends

Mist very slightly with soft hold hair spray for hold


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marcia cross hairstyle

Over 40 Long Hair October 23 2009

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