Over 40 Hairstyles

Over 40 hairstyles have come so far in the recent years. The list of celebrity women who are over forty yet still manage to sport breathtaking hairstyles is seemingly endless.

So many women dread turning forty, but they really should remember that age is just a number, it is how you look and feel that counts.

Just because you are over forty does not mean that both you and your locks have to look anything other than amazing.

Long past are the days that when for every year past forty that you were, you lost a few inches off your locks until you were sporting the same hairstyle you remember your grandmother wearing.

The New Forty

Women of today are the new forty and want hairstyles that are youthful, fun, flattering and more.

Thankfully, there are a great number of hairstyles for females over forty that they can select from. Yes, its true, that as you age, your hairstyling needs might change.

After all, you should always wear your hair in a cut that is complimenting to your hair type and texture as well as your facial features.

You can also choose an over 40 hairstyle to mask certain flaws that creep up as you age. That however does not mean your stuck with something shapeless, drab and boring.

over 40 hairstyle

Try Something New

One of the keys to selecting which over 40 hairstyle is the right one for you, is to be open and willing to embrace something new.

Trade in the hairstyle you have worn for years and allow your self to modernize and update your look.

Browse through magazines and look at pictures of your favorite over 40 female celebrities for inspiration.

Perhaps, most important of all, visit your salon and talk to your stylist and ask her for ideas on the ideal over 40 hairstyles for you.

Quotes For Over Forty

"Women are most fascinating between the ages of 35 and 40 after they have won a few races and know how to pace themselves.

Since few women ever pass 40, maximum fascination can continue indefinitely."
Christian Dior

"Women deserve to have more than twelve years between the ages of twenty eight and forty ."
James Thurber

Bob Hairstyles

mariska hargitay bob hairstyle

Over 40 Mature Bob Hairstyle

Television siren Mariska Hargitay proves that despite a mature age, you can still sizzle. Her innovative hairdo is incredibly sexy and an utterly fantastic over 40 mature bob hairstyle.

Short Hairstyles

patricia arquette hairstyle

Over 40 Short Hair

Television psychic Patricia Arquette's chic Bob hairstyle is a flawless choice for over 40 short hair and women with fine hair.

Medium Hairstyles

kate walsh hairstyle

Age 40 Hairstyles

Actress Kate Walsh sports a funky layered hairstyle that is young and fun. It is a look that holds an abundance of charm and that is also so very versatile.

julianne moore hairstyle

Over 40 Hair Cuts

Over 40 hair cuts features Julianne Moore who wears her famous red locks in a sleek shoulder length style that is such an extraordinary choice for mature women from all walks of life.

Long Hairstyles

marcia cross hairstyle

Over 40 Long Hair

When you choose a half back hairstyle like Marcia Cross's, you are privy to a hairdo that is a flexible option for many occasions and can be easily adapted to your own styling preferences.

teri hatcher

Over 40 Hair Styles

Featuring Teri Hatcher with a long hairstyle and side swept bangs. Teri is proof an older woman can look great with a dark hair color. Teri's long, layered hair is glossy, thick and abounding in bounce and style.

Tanna Mayer

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