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Over 40 Hair Cuts

Featuring Julianne Moore

over 40 hair cuts

Over 40 hair cuts features Julianne Moore who wears her famous red locks in a sleek shoulder length style that is such an extraordinary choice for mature women from all walks of life.

Julianne’s hair has been razored through the ends to create a jagged, feathery finish.

The many layers in this chic hairstyle begin at the chin and work downward which give her locks shape and definition. A right part like Julianne Moore uses on her hair is a smart way to add width to a narrow face.

Many times, a longer hairstyle can appear flat, using layers helps with movement that gives extra life to a shoulder length hairdo like Julianne Moore’s.
Enjoy, over 40 hair cuts


style steps hairstyles for older women

Wash your hair with the right products for your own hair type

Detangle damp hair with a wide tooth comb starting at your ends and working upward

Use the edge of your comb starting at your forehead and pulling backward to create a part in the location of your choice. Julianne does her part to the right

Smooth a dab of straightening balm between your palms and then rub your hands over your hair

While blow drying, use a medium sized round brush and work in small sections. This will help to ensure that you have minimum frizz while maximizing how straight you can get your locks

Pull your hair tight with your brush and dry from the roots down to the ends, going around your head until all of your hair is dry

When all of your hair is dry, you can again work around your head in small sections using a straightening iron.

Begin at your roots and work down, slowly and carefully

When all of your hair is straight, use your fingertips with some styling wax to pinch the ends of your hair which will provide you with some texture

Gently rub a very small amount of styling pomade over the top of your hair with your hands to stop frizz and to keep your style sleek

You can mist a slight amount of spray shine over your hair for shimmer and gloss, avoid your roots so that your style is not weighed down or greasy looking

Spritz with hairspray for hold


over 40 ladies hairstyles

Over 40 Hairstyles

Hairstyles For Older Women


julianne moore hairstyle

Over 40 Hair Cuts October 23, 2009

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