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Organic Nail Polish, A Safer Polish

In the beauty industry "organic" is becoming more and more popular including organic nail polish. Basically an organic nail polish has a water base and uses only natural ingredients. There are no carcinogenic chemicals, nor are the ingredients ones that could prove harmful to the Earth.

Why Organic?

There are plenty of very good reasons to use organic polish, not the least of which is the fact that it’s much safer when you’re pregnant. Typical nail polish has a ton of chemicals in it.

Because nail polish comes into direct contact with the body those chemicals can begin to leach through causing any number of issues the most dangerous of which is cancer, liver problems, asthma and birth defects. When you’re pregnant or nursing, organic is the best way to protect both mother and baby.

Even if you’re not pregnant or nursing however, organic polish offers a natural alternative. Any product labeled organic must be supervised by a regulatory body. There are very specific laws governing how organic ingredients must be raised, harvested, transported, mixed, and packaged.

Organic polish has no toxins, no chemical preservatives, and no fragrances. You know that somewhat strong odor that most nail polish has – that’s the chemical compounds. Organic nail polish has no such aroma and won’t irritate people’s allergies.

Another great reason to buy organic is that it’s green. If you want to do something nice for the environment and for yourself, organic is a great option.

Are there any Drawbacks to Organic nail polish?

Yes. Because organic nail polish has a water base, it’s a little less durable. Chipping occurs more easily. However, if you use an organic nail conditioner, that can extend the life of your polish considerably.

Another issue is price. It costs more to produce organic polish, and some of that cost is passed on to consumers in your price tag.  Even so, knowing that you’re using something that has no negative side effects and that’s also ecologically-friendly is a win-win scenario. Think of it as an investment in your future, and the future of the Earth.

Organic nail polish won’t last as long as other types, but it’s certainly healthier for your body and the planet. If you’re interested in “green living” organic nail polish is a great way to honor that commitment and also keep your nails looking spectacular.

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