Oprah Winfreys Hairstyle Flicked And Fantastic
For Mature Women

oprah winfreys flicked medium short hairstyle for mature womenOprah Winfrey’s fantastic hairstyles are a great source of inspiration for mature women everywhere. With her flipped hairstyle, Oprah shows that you can still add a touch of fun to your look even when you are older.












Aging may call for you to change certain aspects of your hairstyle. After all, as you grow older the hands of time can alter your features slightly and you may find your favorite hairstyle no longer flatters you in the same manner that it used to do. This though does not mean that you have to wear a hairdo that is dull and lacking in fun, glamour and style. Oprah's flicked hairstyle is a prime example of a wonderful way to look great no matter what your age may be.

The flicked hairstyle that Oprah wears is a good way for African American women to keep their locks looking neat and styled. Ideal for medium to thick hair types this look will compliment oval, oblong, heart and triangular face shapes.

You can of course have your hair cut into Oprah's flicked hairstyle if your locks are fine, just be aware that it may look slightly different due to the texture of your tresses. Growing older certainly does not mean becoming more idle. Just look at the fact that Oprah has to be one of the most in demand women in the world.

A haircut like Oprah's flicked hairstyle will see you through your busiest day with confidence. The volume through the crown and flicked ends add a youthful look to this hairstyle that you will absolutely love. The key component to Oprah's flicked hairstyle is razoring especially throughout the ends. It is the implementation of razor cutting that provides that flirty flip to Oprah's flicked hairstyle. Mature African American women are sure to have a great time when they wear their hair in Oprah's flicked hairstyle.


Oprah Winfreys Hairstyle ~ Your Easy Do It Yourself At Home Styling Steps

Style Hair Steps Wash your locks with shampoo and conditioner created for your hair type.
Style Hair Steps With your fingers work a dab of moisturizer throughout your hair, avoiding the roots.
Style Hair Steps Follow that up with the same size amount of sculpting lotion.
Style Hair Steps Work the end of your comb back starting at the middle of your right eye until you have an even right part.
Style Hair Steps Section your hair and using a round brush begin blow-drying your locks.
Style Hair Steps Begin at the nape of your neck rolling your hair around the brush in an out and upward motion to create flicks. Style Hair Steps Repeat this process on the sides of your head. When it comes to the crown, lift at the roots for volume yet dry under.
Style Hair Steps With wax on your fingers, work from the middle of your hair down in the back to pull your hair in the direction you want the same process should be done on the sides of your head.
Style Hair Steps When it comes to your roots however, lift to add volume.
Style Hair Steps A smoothing shine can now be applied for a glossy shimmer, avoid applying to your roots.
Style Hair Steps Generously mist with hairspray for hold.


Oprah Winfreys Hairstyle

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