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Iman ~ Sexy Finger Waves

Trust style icon Iman to take an up do for mature women to a whole new level. Iman’s sexy finger waves make her up do feminine, flirty and full of flair. Iman’s sexy finger waves show that no matter what age you are, it pays to have fun with your hairstyle and to always allow your personality to shine through.

Why share the spotlight with anyone else around when you can be the center of attention with sexy finger waves like Iman’s. The tendrils that have been allowed to escape Iman’s sexy finger wave hairstyle, carefully frame the face and are the ideal way to provide the illusion of width to a narrow and or long face shape.
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Wash your hair with products designed for your hair type

With your hair still wet, use your fingers to work styling lotion throughout your hair evenly after detangling with a wide tooth comb. Use the end of your comb to create a part in your hair wherever you desire

Make Waves

Once you have determined where you want to start your finger waves, place your middle finger along the hair. Use your comb to press against the side of your finger and pull the comb with the teeth down along your finger in about a one inch section until you create a ridge, make certain you do not raise your comb off of your hair

Place your index finger beside your middle finger while carefully pressing the ridge so it is held tightly. Put the teeth of the comb vertically and comb your hair out while curving backward in the opposite direction. Move your middle finger down until the ridge is as far as you want it to be

Move down your hair approximately the width of one or two fingers and create another ridge. Do this until you have the look you want. If desired, once dry, comb your waves out with your fingers gently. Allow as much of your hair to remain down as you want and secure the rest in a knot or low ponytail at the back of your head.


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Older Women Make Waves ~ Iman Wavy Hairstyles


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