Older Mens 50s Hair Styles

View pictures of older mens 50s hair styles to see how your dad may have looked back in the day when Ward Cleaver was a trend setter.

The 1950's were a decade that was known for its new philosophies, classic styles and social change.

The one thing that many modern audiences will notice when it comes to looking at pictures from this time period was the elegance of the mature men in the picture.

The fifties were a time when youth culture was really beginning to take root; with stars like Frankie Avalon and James Dean on the scene, the young men were really looking sharp, but the older men definitely retained a great deal of charm and an enormous sense of style.

Where the younger men were beginning to gel and style their hair up and out in looks like the pompadour and the duck tail cut, there was a certain sense among older men that this was merely a fad that would play out.

Conservative Was Best

Typically, older mens 50s hair styles had a rather conservative style; given the nature of the times, this is not necessarily a surprise.

There was a strong imitation of the old classic movie stars; hair could be styled, but it would be a bit severe, with never a hair out of place.

Just when the younger men and teens were starting to give their hair a carelessly messy style, older men were still parting their hair and styling it with precision!

mature mens 50s hairstyle

During the fifties, hair on the more mature gentleman could be stylishly parted on the side; the convention of combing the hair straight back, as found during the forties, was even then considered a little bit old-fashioned, though it has once again shown up in our time.

There was a general preference for hair to have a relatively low profile, and to have a distinctly masculine straightness to it. Even men who had hair with some curl to it would endeavor to make it lie down flat.

mature mens wavy 50s hairstyle

Brylcreem Styling

There were many tools available to an older fifties gentleman when it came to styling. Old and young men alike would take advantage of the popular Brylcreem styling product, which kept hair well-anchored to the position where you had combed it and also give the hair a very sleek, wet shine.

The "wet" look for hair had been popular since the beginning of the century, and many people feel the Fifties was this styles last gasp.

mature mens 1950 hair style

Ward Cleaver And Cary Grant Were Their Fashion Icons

For many people, the look of the mature fifties man, was heavily influenced by the famous father figures of the time, like Hugh Beaumont, who played Ward Cleaver in Leave It to Beaver, and stars like Cary Grant, who appeared in the famous films An Affair to Remember and To Catch a Thief.

With short yet severely stylish hair, these looks can easily be recognized today as classics.

Older Mens 50s Hair Styles

older mens flat top hair style

older mens 50s hairstyle

side view 50s hairstyle

older mens 1950s way hairstyle

older mens 1950s hair style

mature mens 1950s hair style

Mens 50s Brush Cut

back view mens 50s hair style

older mans 50s hairstyle

older mens 50s hair style

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Older Mens 50s Hair Styles
Author: Tanna Mayer
Updated: March 26, 2015

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