Older Ladies Bob Hair Featuring Betty White

This older ladies bob hair is anything but old lady! Betty White has been in show business for many years. Although she has taken on a number of different kinds of roles, one thing that has always remained consistent is her incredible hairstyle. Betty White is definitely a fine example of how to age gracefully.

betty white

A Soft And Pretty Style

Although her bob hair style is suitable for an older woman, it certainly could not be labeled as stuffy. Betty White styles her locks in a fashionable, classic bob. Not only does this bob provide Betty with a versatile look; it is also very low maintenance and simple to style. This classic style provides Betty with a large amount of volume and body.

With her fine locks this is always a benefit. Graduated layers and wispy bangs add an element of overall softness to this hairstyle. If you have fine locks a bob is always a good hairstyle choice. With the right cut and a fair amount of layers, your bob will almost take care of itself.

betty white hairstyle

No more fighting with hair products and tools to try and make your fine locks do what you want them to. A classic bob hairstyle also has the benefit of being stylish enough to go where you must be. In Betty's case, this style took her to Comedy Central's Roast of William Shatner. She was pure elegance at its very best. You can also opt to brush and style your hair in a few different ways to suit your mood of the moment.

Betty White opts to brush her sides slightly back so as to be able to show off the great looking earrings that she is wearing. Allow your personality and style sense to directly reflect your hairstyle, this is what makes your look unique to you instead of being a carbon copy of what everybody else happens to be doing. All face shapes and hair types can sport this classic hairstyle that Betty wears with no trouble in the least. If you wish, you can easily modify it to meet your personal styling needs.

Styling Steps

  • Apply a palm full of mousse to freshly washed and towel dried tresses evenly
  • With the end of your comb, start at the middle of your left eye and work backwards until you have achieved an even left part
  • Working with a round brush, blow-dry the back of your hair under
  • When drying the sides, allow them to go under as well
  • The crown of your hair should be dried in a leftward direction on the left side and a rightward direction on the right side
  • Lift the roots slightly while drying to implement volume
  • Your bangs if you have them should be dried under and forward
  • If desired, backcomb or tease your hair at the crown to give yourself even more body
  • A moulding cream can be applied to your roots while gently lifting
  • Use moulding cream while pulling your bangs forward
  • Mist generously with hairspray for a hold that will last

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Author: Tanna Mayer
Updated: March 5, 2015

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