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Nylon Bath Sponges And Nylon Loofahs

nylon bath spongeWhether you know them as nylon bath sponges, bath puffs or boofpoofs, you can recognize them immediately as the balls of nylon netting that may be sold everywhere from your local WalMart to any number of trendy boutiques.

There are a lot of people using nylon bath sponges these days, and if you've not gotten a chance to get to know these little cleansing aids yet, you may be wondering what all the fuss is about. Sure, they're adorable, but what are you going to get out of using them?

The answer is nylon bath sponges can easily become your best friend in the bath and shower if you are only aware of a few things!

The first thing that is that nylon bath sponges will effectively replace face cloths and natural sponges. Although you may have been using face cloths for years, the fact of the matter is that they are organic material, and because of this, they will wear down and show dirt over time.

There is also the fact that if there is natural fiber in it that your sponges and face cloths will start to breed bacteria very quickly. Even if they look completely clean, you will find that if they are damp and in a warm place that they will probably start to grow molds or bacteria. This is not something that you want with you in the bath!

Nylon Bath Sponges Stay Cleaner

This is where nylon loofahs and sponges come rushing to the rescue. Because they are purely synthetic, there is nothing there for bacteria and mold to attach to. They are slippery and slick and because of this, they are quit easy to clean.

nylon back loofahThey come in a wide variety of different colors, and if you pick a color that is pale enough, you'll be able to spot the dirt or grime right away. When you need to clean them, you'll find that you can easily soap it up lightly and rinse it out thoroughly. As it dries, it'll stay clean until next you use it.

What's more, you'll also find that using a nylon bath sponge can get you a lot cleaner than your normal face cloth.

You can scrub and lightly exfoliate with it, and rather than damaging your skin with more harsh exfoliation methods or just slicking more soap over ingrained dirt and grime, you'll be able to have a gentle daily cleansing over your entire body.

Once you've tried nylon fabric, with its light and scratchy texture, you'll find that this is something that you want to keep in your bathroom at all times.

You'll also find that you save more soap this way; when you squirt a little bit liquid body wash into the nylon, you'll find that you can easily work it up into a lather, without resorting to using vast handfuls of it.

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Take some time to consider the benefits that a nylon fabric bath sponge or nylon loofah can bring to you, and consider it the next time you see one while shopping!

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