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Nurse Costumes, Uniforms, And Nursing Outfits

nurse costumeIf you are looking for a terrific costume that will let you strut your stuff and have some fun, look no further than the nurse costume. A nurse costume is a great way to loosen your inhibitions and to really get into the Halloween spirit, and you will find that with just a little bit of thought and decision making, it can be quite simple to throw a great costume together.

There are plenty of different takes that you can make on the theme of the standard nurse costume, so make sure that you think about what kind of nurse you want to be!

In the first place, you can always start with the standard Nurse Nancy costume. This is a great way to play up the good as gold, sweet as sugar angel of mercy. You can even carry around a pocketful of candy for all of those patients who are going to be good, and give free checkups using disposable tongue dispensers.

You can even enhance this image with a halo! When you are looking to complement this outfit, consider the five inch nurse heel dolly shoes, in white, of course, along with the adorable nurse bag. If you want to get really creative, bring along some ace bandages and see who you can bandage up during the night!

Of course, you can always swing it the other way and play up that bad nurse images. Not all nurses are sweetness and light, and if you have ever wanted to help people, but do it with a little bit of a kick, this might be the perfect outfit for you.

A bad nurse costume starts off with red and black as opposed to red and white, and you'll find that it just goes on from there. To really pull off this look, make sure that you look a little wild, with heavy makeup and slightly tousled hair. Make sure that the surprises that you pack in your red cross bag are not as nice as candy, and find yourself some five inch nurse heel dolly shoes in black.

There are bad nurses, and then there are evil nurses. A bad nurse might tease you about being banged up, but an evil nurse will hide your medication! When you are looking for an evil nurse aesthetic, just start with a standard nurse outfit and then lightly fleck it with red paint.


Think about getting some gloves and then covering them with red paint and letting the paint flake as it dries. Find a clipboard and write down some of the most negative diagnoses that you can. It's all in good fun and you can go back to being nice tomorrow... we hope!

Nurse outfits are a great way to have some fun when you are looking to break out of the mold for Halloween, so make sure that you take advantage of some of the great costumes and props out there.

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