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No More Cute!

Jayden After Cutting His Hair

Jayden didn't want to look cute!

I was at work in my beauty salon one night, when I had a phone call from my husband saying Jayden had just cut his hair.

I was in shock'! Jay has lovely medium blonde wavy hair. I asked his dad to send me a picture and the first picture above is what I got!

Mortified isn't the word!! He had cut it so close that my daughters two friends who were hairdressers said there wasn't a lot they could do!

Everyone found it hilarious! I asked him why he would do that he reply was " I don't want to look cute anymore!' Glad to say it finally after many months it did grow back!

K. P.
West Midlands U.K.

For Moms Of Kids Who Cut Their Hair

Jayden Before Cutting His Hair

What Kids Do!

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No More Cute
Published February 14, 2013
Tanna Mayer

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