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Nintendo Wii Fitness Program Review

Can You Get A Good Workout Using Nintendo Wii Fit?

Knowing we are still under pressure from New Year’s resolutions to get into shape the fitness entrepreneurs hit full force in early spring with their latest and greatest ideas to make us svelte and fit by summer.

over 40 exercise

The new products range from the totally tame to the totally lame and each year we consider trying the newest gizmo on the fitness market.

This year brings us Wii Fitness. You may know someone who has one of the Wii consoles and they have told you how much fun it is how great it is.

Let’s take a look this virtual reality the entire family can use and see if you actually can get a good workout with the Nintendo Wii Fitness program.

The Wii is a program you hook up to your TV and as you move so do the characters move on the television.


Wii Fitness

Everyone from toddler’s to seniors alike are bowling, racing, playing guitar, and other games using the Wii controllers and use lot of body movement in doing so.

Now Nintendo has gone one step further and designed a Wii fitness program.

Seeing that they already had everyone up and moving, they decided to capitalize on it.

The Wii Fit is another attachment for the Nintendo Wii console that resembles a flat board.

When you use this board you can perform a variety of exercises and get in shape having to go no further than your television set.

You will pay for this convenience of course as with any exercise program there is always a cost factor. The Nintendo Wii Fitness board is priced at about $90 US which does not seem unreasonable judging the way people are snapping them up as soon as they are unpacked.

One feature of the Wii Fit I do like is that the board can hold up to 300 pounds. This alone solves 2 problems that larger gals encounter when they want to start to exercise.

So many of the new exercise gadgets on the market do not allow for weights in higher ranges, so you may have to lose weight to use them to get slim. Right.

Secondly, many women are conscious of their weight and not ready to bear all in spandex to work out in fitness gyms or exercise classes. You get the added bonus of being able to do a home workout in privacy.

Nintendo Wii Fitness features a number of good exercises to get you in shape. One of the most popular exercises is the Wii Fit Ski Jump. This is your chance to be a competitor on the Olympic ski runs, as that is what you are doing. The Wii board has been designed to be sensitive enough to pick up your movements while it tracks your fitness workout. While you are doing the ski jump you are squatting in position for your jump and then standing to jump.

nintendo wiiAlthough the Wii Fit is not designed to be a total workout program it will help improve your balance and will work your abs and also work to strengthen other core muscles.

Nintendo’s answer to exercise does give you a workout but you will still need additional cardiovascular work that the Wii does not provide for a total body workout.


It does however make a great supplement to an exercise program and it is fun. There is a good chance that the Nintendo Wii Fitness will be the newest home exercise fad that lasts more than it’s first introduction year.
Worth a try, Nintendo Wii Fitness


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