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Nigella Hairstyle

Nigella Lawson Pic

Nigella Lawson

Nigella Lawson has graced us with her talent and beauty for years. One of the most appealing aspects to Ms. Lawson’s appearance are her wonderful, wavy locks.

This particular hairstyle works wonders when it comes to emphasizing the face. It pulls out distinguishable eyes, strong cheekbones, and lovely lips.

These long wavy locks are considered to be a true classic when it comes to hairstyles.

It is also a relatively flexible hairstyle as it can be worn down, pulled up in chignon, or even put in a bun.

If you would like to achieve this unique, sophisticated look, to your right are some simple steps that can help you achieve this beautiful style.

Styling Preperation

One of the best things that you can do prior to engaging in the styling steps for long, wavy locks is to completely clean your hair.

This will ensure that your hair is flexible and easy to work with. When hair contains styling products and similar types of chemicals, it can often be relatively difficult to work with.

In addition to completely cleaning your hair, it is important to also to thoroughly condition your hair as well. Conditioner can provide shine and luster to the hair.

Style Update

Nigella Lawson Hairstyle Update

Nigella Lawson at Alexandra Shulman's "Can We Still Be Friends" Book Launch Party -Sotheby's / London, 03/28/2012

A Soft Beautiful Style

The next thing that you should do when attempting to achieve this particular hairstyle is to take a comb and push it through the hair in order to ensure that it has absolutely no tangles after cleansing.

If tangles are present, it can take away from the look and feel of this exquisite hairstyle.

Drying Tips

Once the hair has been combed down, a diffuser should be used on the cool setting in order to dry the hair.

It is important to avoid drying the hair on a warm setting because it can result in frizzy hair. You definitely do not want any tangles in the finished style.

Hot Rollers

Once the hair is completely dry, it is time to pull out the hot rollers.

You should place these rollers in the hair by wrapping the hair around each one in a spiral motion. This will wrapping method will result in unique curling quality to enhance the overall flair of this hairstyle.

Once the hot rollers are in place, it is time to pull out the hairspray.

If you like, you can use a liquid mousse like Fantasia instead. Fantasia provides a light, firm hold that will keep the curls and waves fresh.

Once the curlers have set for an appropriate amount of time, you should loosen each one carefully. You do not want to be too rough on this part.

It is important to handle each roller as if it were fragile when completing this step.


Now that all of the hair is down, you should part it down the middle, and then spray hairspray all over the head in order to hold the look.

It is important to remember to bring the curls to the sides of the face in order to ensure that the overall look and feel of the wavy hairstyle is achieved.

If you are looking to achieve a unique look of long, lovely wavy locks, the steps mentioned here can help you accomplish your goal.

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Nigella Hairstyle
Updated December 16, 2012

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