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Nicoles Hawk Hair, From Blue To Pink

hawk hair


Hello hello there..
Hows it going.. Im Nicole Im 23 years old and this is my Hawk..

All I did was have the top part of my hair cut in a rectangular box up to the crown of my head. Had the hair cut short and razored for the choppy look.

Bleached the ends then dyed pink.

I must tell you that this dye comes out really easy so I just have an extra container of it and I re dye it every 2 weeks or so to keep the color looking fresh.

I usually style the bottom of my hair different ways. I can do pigtails, straight, curly or even half up half down.

To get the hawk to stand up I blow dry it after washing it. The i start in the back and work my way forward. I part small rows sideways and take the hair with a flat iron and go straight up with a small curl in the end. After going all the way the front my hair is now straight and all over the place but it has the main shape of flat and curled back.

Then i pull out the Got2B Freeze blasting spray. I start on one side spray a little and mold it with my fingers. after a few squirts its staying up then i flip my hair over to the other side and spray and use my fingers to guide the hair in the way i want. I gave you 2 pictures here, one with bangs and one with out. The bangs was something i was trying just to look different.

To have the bangs I flat ironed the last part forward instead of back. and didnt spray it down, or well.. up. =) Its so much fun to have and I am so glad I did it. Im not sure what's next.. The last picture I added is what I looked like before the Hawk. I had blue bangs with pink highlights and purple on my ends (you cant see in this photo however)...

hawk with bangs

Nicoles Hawk Hair ~ With Bangs

hawk no bangs

Nicoles Hawk Hair ~ No Bangs

blue bangs before hawk

Nicoles Blue Bangs ~ Before Hawk


Nicoles Hawk Hair


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