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Nicole Kidman’s hairstyle is remarkably stylish and attractive. Nicole Kidman’s hairstyle is a classy chignon that has been altered to suit her unique personality.

What Nicole Kidman has done with her hairstyle is to take a classic look, which in this case is a chignon and made the modifications necessary to make this well known hairdo more contemporary.

In many cases, when a woman fashions her locks into a chignon, she will pull all of her hair severely back and secure it tightly at the nape of her neck. Nicole Kidman’s hairstyle however, is made softer and sexier through her adjustments.

Nicole Kidman’s chignon hairstyle is worn loose, with a few of her natural curls being allowed to frame the front and back of her sexy hairdo.

Securing her chignon slightly to the side also adds a touch of playful youthfulness to her hairstyle as well. As you can obviously see, a loose, contemporary chignon like Nicole Kidman’s is perfect for a dressy event, but this is a hairdo that could also be paired with jeans and a t-shirt and worn on any day or night of the week.
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style steps hairstyles for older women

Wash your hair with products designed for your hair type and condition
Towel dry and work out tangles with a wide tooth comb
Work a handful of styling mousse evenly through your hair with your fingers
Blow dry your locks in small, easy to control sections
If you have naturally curly or wavy hair, scrunch your locks while drying to bring out your curl
Once your hair is dry, use a medium barrelled curling iron to create curls all around your head if necessary and then comb through with your fingers
Use the edge of your comb, working from the middle of your eye backward to create a center part
Gather your hair back, and secure at the nape of your neck, but off to one side slightly. Twist your hair loosely and wrap it as you would if forming a ponytail but do not pull all of the hair completely through.
Secure with a coated elastic that matches your hair
Allow a few tendrils to escape your chignon as well as a few around your face to create a frame of soft tendrils
Mist with hairspray for hold


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