New Model Portfolios

New model portfolios are an important aspect of every model's career. When you go on an interview, you'll need to bring your portfolio to show past work. 

However, it is important to understand the purpose of a model's portfolio, so that you can stay away from scams, as well as know what you'll need to get the modeling job that you are after. 

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New Model Portfolios

When a new model begins his or her career, they will need to obtain pictures, assembled in an album called a portfolio. 

Scam artists and unscrupulous photographers often target models, trying to get them to pay hundreds, if not thousands of more dollars for photographs than they would normally need to pay. 

It isn't uncommon for a model to begin his or her career without any photographs at all, and not build their portfolio until after they have signed with an agency and begin working. 

You should never spend a great deal of money on photos or a portfolio, especially before you begin your modeling career. 

Your first step should be in obtaining an agent, and then you can rest assured that you are not scammed when you get your portfolio. 

However, just as there are photographers who are unscrupulous, you can also encounter agents who are also out to get your money. 

Agents should never charge you for a portfolio and demand the money up front. In fact, it is common for agents to pay for your portfolio or composite photos and then take the money out of your payment for your first modeling jobs.

New Model Portfolios and Avoiding The Scams

It's important to realize that your agent has a reason for ensuring that you have a portfolio, and it isn't that they want to see your home, vacation, or holiday pictures.

Since the agent is investing in you, they want to be in charge of the pictures that comprise your portfolio, to make certain that they are marketable. This is one of the reasons why it is not recommended to create new model portfolios with a photographer outside of your agent.

Many times, these photos are useless and will not help the aspiring model obtain work. If you are planning a successful modeling career, you must begin by working with an agent.

If you wish to be taken seriously, and have any real future in modeling, you must begin by finding an agent. When working in high profile cities, it is often impossible to apply or interview for big modeling jobs without an agent.

Since modeling is a career that requires lots of travel to major fashion cities, it is imperative to have the representation, and protection, of a modeling agency behind you. In fact, your agent acts as your representative and if you travel abroad, they will coordinate with other agencies to act on your behalf. 


  • Though your modeling portfolio is a big aspect of your career, it is important to seek representation from an agent first.
  • Many aspiring models make the mistake of believing that they need a modeling portfolio first, or that they need the portfolio to be signed on with an agency. 

This isn't true. Concentrate on finding a reputable agency to work with, and then you can get the portfolio needed to advance your modeling career.
Author Tanna Mayer

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