New Male Models

Modeling is an exciting career, and new male models are becoming more in demand. Since the modeling industry has changed by using less stereotypical looks, more male models are required to sell a variety of products. 

New Male Models

Though being handsome is an important aspect in any male model's career, those with unique, distinctive, or ethnic looks are finding greater doors opening to them then they may have had in the past. 

Though being handsome is an important aspect in any male model's career, those with unique, distinctive, or ethnic looks are finding greater doors opening to them then they may have had in the past. 

However, there are some basic rules and physical characteristics that new male models must possess to ensure that they are best suited for a modeling career.  Male models must be tall; they should be a minimum of 5'11.

The extended height of male models varies as well, especially if the male model is in a photo shoot with a female model. Symmetry must be maintained between both models, so it can become difficult for male models who are taller than 6'3 to find work. 

There are always exceptions, and those who are very tall might find that looking for specialty, big and tall modeling work is the best avenue. 

New Male Model Requirements

For basic measurements, male models should have a chest measurement between 38 and 42".  The male model's waistline should measure between 32 and 34", and the inseam from the lower part of the ankle to the crotch section of a pair of pants should measure between 32 and 34". Most male models typically weigh an average of 165 pounds.

Though some men might feel that having a physique capable of causing Mr. Olympia to rise to jealousy is the standard of good looks and health, it isn't advised for male models. 

Male models should be toned and in good physical shape, but they shouldn't be overtly muscular, or have bulging muscles. This can interfere with the wearing of clothes and can detract from a successful modeling career. Some feel that though there are more female than male supermodels, many male models have several advantages over females in the field. 

As female models age, they lose their marketability, however more males who have enjoyed successful modeling careers can continue working, even after their skin begins to develop wrinkles. 

There is a large market for older male models and the transition is easy. As long as the male model continues to take care of his health and physical appearance, he can enjoy a long, successful modeling career. 

Modeling Agencies

Just like female models, new male models should begin their career by contacting well-known modeling agencies. Most modeling agencies have a separate department for male models. 

Though these departments are considerably smaller than the female departments, they exist and any man who is serious about becoming a model must begin by contacting the men's division of the modeling agency he would like to work with. Since there are no male supermodels, most men feel that they must work harder at modeling than their female counterparts. 

Once a woman reaches supermodel status, she might feel that she is an invaluable asset to the fashion industry. Male models don't tend to view themselves in this manner. 

They must know that they truly want to be a model and are willing to work hard to see their dream realized. With dedication and commitment, new male models can enjoy a long, successful modeling career.

Selecting Modeling Agencies

Model Portfolios

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