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Neckline Styles

The choice of neckline styles that flatter your figure and your overall appearance are potentially the most important fashion choice a woman can make.

Round Neckline Style

Choose the right style and it will make you look and feel positively gorgeous. The wrong style however can have the opposite effect.

Choose the Right Neckline for Your Body Shape

In selecting clothing styles it's essential you consider your body shape, size and your age. These three factors will help you select clothes that enhance the good features every woman possesses and hide the features that you would prefer not to be emphasized.

Clothes that suit your personality and are suitable for your age group will help you make the choices that will bring compliments. Pear shaped women can appear longer and smaller by using straight lines on their clothes and this includes v neck tops with necklaces that help to take focus off the hips and to a shapely waist.

Women with a rectangular shape should wear round necklines that add shape to the body and give it a rounder appearance. Older women should not wear v necks when their skin starts to age around their necks, but a long neck can be emphasized with a sleeveless dress and with hair pulled back creating a ballerina effect.

Choose the Right Neckline for your Personality and the Occasion

Necklines are designed to attract attention. V neck and Y neck necklines will always attract attention to the bust line. The same bust line can be hidden with a round neck. V necks are appropriate for an evening function but may not be as appropriate for working at the office and a more modest round neck enhanced by a jacket often produces a more sophisticated look.

Plunging necklines may work on some occasions, but are completely inappropriate in others. You can enjoy your plunging neckline by adding a pretty camisole under the top to produce an alluring look without revealing an inappropriate amount of skin.

Choose the Right Neckline for Your Age

Many women mistakenly keep the same style as they age but this may not be the best way to dress as middle age approaches. Choose a neckline that suits your age and if you have a lot of loose skin around your neck wear scarves and other pretty clothes that cover your neck.

This will give you a younger look. Exposing the neckline too much may age you more than you want. However if you have a great neck and you want to show your neck off, wearing pretty sun dresses with a small camisole to hide cleavage yet draw attention to the beautiful skin you have been blessed with is equally appropriate.

Necklines have changed and evolved over time and fashion styles have often dictated how we wear them. Whether we choose sweetheart necklines, halter necklines, boat necklines, round or v neck, neckline styles provide us with choices that when made correctly will help create that perfect look.

They can enhance our good features and help disguise those we prefer not to show to others. Chosen correctly we can step out and look sensational, no matter the occasion.

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Updated September 27, 2011

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