Neck Length Tips That Work

All of us would love to read some neck length tips to give us that perfect neck and shoulders look. Most of us either love or hate the length, size and shape of our necks.

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Ballerinas, dancers and ice skaters often dress in costumes that elongate their necks giving them a very graceful appearance and this is usually the look most women aspire to achieve by a careful selection of necklines and accessories.

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For most women, the perfect neck is a dream that belongs to someone else. Despite very few of us being blessed with a beautiful neck, we can do a lot to the neck we have, to present it in its most elegant and beautiful way.

Whether we have long necks, regular necks or short necks we can implement methods to make them appear as we want them to. Many ballerinas have short necks, but by wearing their hair up high on their head they are able to give the illusion of a long slender neck. Choose dresses that are off the shoulder to complete the picture.

Women whose neck is average in length can usually choose whether they want their hair to be longer or shorter. They can often choose to elongate their neck further by wearing a v neck top and this can be accessorized by wearing simple necklaces on a long chain.

Women who have long necks can trial their hair down in different ways to produce a very feminine look that flatters their neck and softens it by making it appear slightly shorter and more feminine.

Short necked women often want their necks to look longer and while hair and clothing styles can help with the illusion of length, so also can the correct application of makeup. Applying makeup to make the face look thinner will have the effect of making the neck appear longer.

Hairstyles And Earrings To Lengthen NeckThe Perfect Hairstyle, Neckline, And Earrings To Lengthen Neck

Clothing and Accessories to Increase the Illusion of Length

Clothing choices often have a great impact on how the neck looks. Hiding the neck under turtleneck tops or round neck tops will make the neck appear very short.

The accepted rule is that the longer the V line of a blouse the longer your neck will appear to be. People with short round necks will find their necks not only look longer, but less round, creating a very graceful appearance.

Collared shirts will have an equal effect on adding length to a neck as will wearing sweetheart necklines commonly found on wedding dresses.

Whilst long necklaces are an asset to making your body seem longer, the addition of long dangly earrings is equally effective in creating a longer slimmer neck line.

Once you have chosen your accessories and your outfit take a minute to look in the mirror to ensure you have created a balanced look that is age and lifestyle appropriate for the time and the place. Women with an average neck size can also choose similar neck length tips to achieve the look they want.

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