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Neal McDonough Hair

Neal McDonough ~ Clipped Short Style

Actor Neal McDonough wears his hair clipped in a short, neat hairstyle that is emulated by men of all ages and with a wide range of hair types.

neal mcdonough hair

There are a number of reasons why a short, neat hairstyle for men like Neal McDonough’s are so popular.

For starters, when a man keeps his hair snipped short and neat, he is ready for anything. A hairstyle like Neal McDonough’s will take you from a rough game of sports to dinner on the town with only minutes in between if necessary.

No matter where you have been or where you are going, a short neat hairstyle makes certain you look your best. Neal McDonough’s hair is snipped close to his head all of the way around with just very minimal length so as to allow for his locks to be either brushed back or slightly spiked.

This hairstyle is so easy to maintain that if desired, it is literally a wash and wear look. However, you can opt to use a touch of product to dress a short, neat hairstyle like Neal’s up.

Being that the hairstyle Neal McDonough wears is so short, it can be worn by men with all hair types and textures.

It is also incredibly flattering for most face shapes and appeals to men from all age groups.
Enjoy, Neal McDonough hair



style steps

Wash your hair with products made for your hair type

Towel dry gently

Apply a small dab of styling gel through damp hair with your fingers Arrange your hair with a comb as desired

That's almost too easy isn't it?


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Neal McDonough

Neal McDonough Hair

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