Try A Home Remedy For Whitening Teeth

There are some very effective and low cost ways you can try to get your teeth whiter and brighter at home, with fruit such as strawberries or lemon, using baking soda or Hydrogen Peroxide.

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Home Remedies For Whitening Teeth

Naturally Whiten Teeth

Natural Teeth Whitening At Home

Although TV programs are today full of commercials for teeth whitening products, these products are in many cases very expensive and can even cause your teeth to become over sensitive, especially harming people with receding gum lines. Are there some natural ways to brighten your teeth, which are safe and less expensive than those teeth whitening products from the TV commercials?

What are the Downsides of Commercial Tooth Whitening Systems?

The fact is that most commercial dental whitening systems do help people whiten their teeth, but they contain artificial solutions like carbamide peroxide, which can damage your gums and cause your teeth to become too sensitive.

Commercial tooth whitening systems sometimes even cause unevenly whitened teeth for some people. Besides this, there is the risk of the solution going into a tooth cavity which can cause you to need a root canal, which is never a pleasant experience.

Are There Natural Ways to Whiten Teeth?

There are natural ways of whitening your teeth, but these can never be expected to give fantastic results or results close to commercial products. The truth is that these home remedies are good because when we use them there is no risk of gum sensitivity or general teeth problems. However, only small changes in the whiteness of the teeth can be expected from these home remedies.

Natural Ways to Whiten your Teeth

Baking soda is a great way of naturally whitening your teeth, although it can cause the layer of the teeth to become thinner if it is used too often. After using baking soda, it is important to rinse your mouth completely. Due to the fact that preserving the outer layer of your teeth should always be a priority, it is also recommended to avoid using lemon juice as a natural way of whitening your teeth.

Rubbing the teeth with a fresh strawberry is a great natural tooth whitening remedy. The reason for this is the high levels of malic acid in strawberries; and malic acid is great for removing coffee and tea stains from your teeth. After rubbing your teeth with a strawberry, it is important to brush your teeth in order for the natural sugar and the remainder of the malic acid to be removed from the teeth, as if left, there is a risk of tooth damage.

Some other useful pieces of advice are to drink fruit juices, tea and coffee through a straw and quit smoking. All of these natural ways of whitening your teeth are far better than expensive commercial solutions, and everybody should at least try them out before spending a lot of money on an unhealthy and very expensive commercial tooth whitening system.


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