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Natural Toothache Remedies

Do you prefer natural toothache remedies? Most people suffer from a toothache at one stage or another.

Effective Natural Remedies for Toothache

Toothache has been described as one of the most debilitating and agonizing acute pains anyone can experience.

Whilst it's normal to seek out over the counter medications to treat a toothache until a dentist appointment can be made, many people are increasingly turning to effective natural remedies for toothache.

Nature has provided humans with a variety of remedies for toothache that many cultures have used successfully for years.

Many of these remedies including herbs such as cloves, yarrow, calendula and tarragon can successfully control the pain of toothache and bring much appreciated temporary relief from its agony.

Effective Pain Killers for Toothache and How to Use Them

Indigenous cultures have used traditional remedies for pain relief for many thousands of years. Native Americans for example learned that the inner bark of the butternut tree when applied to the gums can produce temporary relief from toothache.

In Asia, Europe and North America, people learned to use the root of the yarrow, a plant that grows in the wild in meadows, fields and open woodlands as a topical anesthetic that numbs the pain when applied to the gums or the teeth.

The juice of wheat grass has been used as a mouthwash for many years and has proven to be an effective pain reliever in the presence of tooth decay.

Similarly tea tree oil is a very effective anti-bacterial mouth wash that may slow the infection and therefore reduce the pain until it's possible to see a dentist.

People have for years chewed cloves and have experienced relief from debilitating pain, and this has proven so effective that the oil from the cloves is now extracted, bottled and sold as a toothache remedy in many pharmacies and supermarkets around the world.

Many families routinely keep a jar of cloves in their cupboard and chew on them when they first experience toothache or gum tenderness.

Seeking Treatment and Advice for Toothache

Naturopaths and herbal medicine advisors can suggest other suitable remedies to help alleviate the pain and discomfort of toothache.

When taking any natural toothache remedies it is essential to let your doctor know if have other health problems or are taking any medications as some natural herb remedies can interact with the drugs you are taking and other medical problems you may have and can cause other health problems.

However, if you have no other health problems, using natural remedies to control pain from toothache until you can seek dental help is a relatively safe and effective treatment that should be considered and may be more effective than over the counter pain control.

If using pain relief, it is still essential that even if it is effective in numbing the pain, the underlying cause of the pain and the infection in the tooth remains.

Although there are effective natural remedies to reduce the pain of tooth decay, it is essential to schedule an appointment with your dentist as soon as possible.

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Published February 1, 2012

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