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Natural Organic Skin Care

Natural organic skin care products are always best, aren't they?

Using Natural Organic Skin Care Product

People who make a natural organic skin care product agreed with this statement and that is why they decided to use natural ingredients in some of their skin care ranges.

Organic materials are the purest way of caring for your skin and of course were used far before processed varieties.

Early men (and women) used natural products when they first became aware of the need to care for their skin.

Beauty products can be expensive, but often you can look around the home or garden or just visit the store and buy natural everyday things and use them with equally as good, if not better results.

Organic skin care products are less expensive than their counterparts and help to keep that healthy glow on your skin. They also prevent aging and help to prevent skin problems and allergies.

The Use of Fruits

The use of fruits and vegetables in organic skin care ranges is very popular; cucumber, papaya and many other fruits are regularly used. Such ingredients have an invigorating and stimulating effect.

There are many books around which will advise you on the beneficial effects of fruit and vegetables on the skin so why not have a go and see what works best for you?

Slices of cucumber on the eyes can reduce the itch and swelling of hay fever and revitalize tired eyes.

Half a lemon rubbed on the hands will remove stains. Always remember to use fresh organic ingredients though, anything less than fresh belongs in the composter.

Skin Care Organic, Other Natural Ingredients

Milk is great as a cleanser; in fact, many skin care products are referred to as milk. A mixture of milk and whole-meal makes a really good cleanser.

Whisked Egg White Can Be Used as a Face Mask

Ground oatmeal is recommended for greasy skin and is often included in organic skin care. It is often used in combination with eggs, honey, milk and fruits to create organic face packs.

skin care natural organic skin care

Honey helps to hold moisture in the skin and improves the aspect of your complexion.

Another popular component of an organic face care range is wheat germ. It contains lots of vitamin E and is widely used for its exfoliating properties.

It has the added advantage that it also moisturizes the skin.

It is commonly used to make face masks for normal and dry skin. Wheat germ oil is also used in organic skin care ranges. Other organic products that are well used in skin care are yoghurt and sour cream.

These are great at moisturizing. Natural yoghurt is also excellent for sunburn.

Spread it on and leave to soak in, then after a while rinse with lukewarm water and pat dry; it really takes the burn out of it. Another thing that is popular as an astringent is rose water, as is lavender water.

'Organic skin care' uses combinations of various organic materials that work together well; sometimes one will alleviate any side effects that could possibly occur from the other.

It is health promotion at its best. Nature's own produce being used to promote a natural, healthy look and smooth, silky skin at an amazing price. What could be better?

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Published ~ August 2, 2011 Updated ~ March 14, 2012

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