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Natural Hair Care

Choosing natural hair care products for healthy hair growth and maintenance. The most efficient way to obtain the beauty you want is to constantly pay attention to your hair. If you want it to be part of your beauty accessories, you don't have to just pick an appropriate hairstyle and color, but also take care of it.

Natural Hair Care

Natural Hair Care Products – An Efficient Way to Actually Look After Your Hair

Nothing can be more beautiful than the natural hair. However hair is also very problematic when it comes to maintaining it due to its various weaknesses. Therefore, natural hair care products should be your first option. A lot of women dream of long hair to confer sensuality and femininity. Some of the common problems they may encounter include the stubbed or split edges and even hair loss.

The tendency is to look for the most expensive products on the market, but they also work for particular types of hair and you don't even know if they really work. This is why you should first try some natural hair care products that were proven to deal with hair growth, regeneration and thickening. You can even create most of them at home.

Healthy Hair Growth & Thickening

Whether you want your hair to grow faster or you are trying to stop your hair from thinning, the natural hair care products are mostly based on nettles. Therefore, create such a solution yourself. Get a handful of nettles and some fresh walnut, birch and elder leaves, mix them with a celandine shank and add some cold water.

After a couple of minutes, heat them until the solution boils and leave it like that for three minutes. Use half of it to wash your hair like a medicinal soap then rinse with water. Use the other half after to rinse your hair, without using water after.

Preventing Hair Loss

The natural products don't deal with the regeneration only, but also with the prevention of such unpleasant problems. Lavender tincture is very efficient here. Massage your scalp with lavender tincture, then cover your hair and rinse it after a couple of hours with a natural shampoo.

You should do this one time a day only, in the evening. Celandine, nettles, garlic and lycopod tinctures and infusions are also good stimulants for the scalp and the hair roots. Therefore, look for products based on these natural ingredients. They are scientifically proven to work, without any chemicals that come with side effects.

Strengthening the Hair

Regular shampoos, hair driers, the wind, the sun and dust all affect your hair. You miss the brightness, not to mention the thinning effect that shows up in time. Also, using various tools to straighten or curl your hair will damage it in time. Thin hair automatically means dry hair.

The nutrients cannot reach the entire hair; therefore it goes dry and thin. Use special oils once in a while, but make sure they are natural hair care products. More chemicals at this stage can be fatal for your hair. If you know natural recipes and prefer to do everything at home, the results are even better.

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Published June 8, 2011

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