National Alopecia Areata Foundation - NAFF

The National Alopecia Areata Foundation (NAAF) provides support and information about alopecia areata and related topics. The foundation has two main goals. The NAAF provides online and in-person alopecia areata community support where patients and families can share information.

Shared experiences can be very valuable for people with alopecia. The NAAF also educates the public about alopecia and the people who have this condition. The foundation joins many alopecia areata sites on the internet to help you understand the impact of hair loss.

As a nonprofit organization, the NAAF operates with a board of directors and charitable donations. In addition to a board, the foundation has a Scientific Advisory Council. This council provides guidance from medical doctors and leaders in the field of alopecia study.

Finding A Cure

The NAAF focuses many resources toward finding a cure or acceptable treatment for patients with alopecia. By connecting a network of doctors, patients and research studies, the foundation advances the study of the disease.

The NAAF uses funding to support scientists who might learn new information on alopecia. The complex causes of alopecia require the NAAF to help scientists who work in many different fields. Research grants from the foundation help researchers study genetics, autoimmune diseases and clinical studies. Topics of past research include the cause of alopecia and possible treatments.

Many of the people who have alopecia learn about the latest research studies through the NAAF website. This resource gives you the opportunity to participate in a study or keep your knowledge up-to-date.

When The National Alopecia Areata Foundation began working toward a cure, sufferers had few places to turn for help. The need for alopecia areata community support became obvious. The website for NAAF provides a variety of services to help you. You will find assistance if you are recently diagnosed or if you have lived with alopecia your whole life.

Available Recources

Message boards and an interactive website at NAAF give you the ability to talk with other people wherever you may live. You can attend local events where groups meet and support each other through the experience of hair loss and baldness.

The groups formed by NAAF focus on respect for the individual's experience and privacy. Online stories about others who have alopecia can inspire you and give hope that you are not alone in your struggle. The NAAF website offers a list of companies that support NAAF through donations.

The products sold include books, wigs, skin care products and headwear. NAAF helps you regardless of age or how the disease affects you. Children even find emotionally supportive items like dolls with wigs. While these products are available on the website, NAAF is not in the business of selling things.

Some alopecia areata sites provide general information for you. Many sites offer advice on how to treat your alopecia. Be cautious that the information you receive is accurate. Through shared information and research, The National Alopecia Areata Foundation builds a community of knowledge, powerful individuals and the tools to make positive choices.