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Natalie Cuts Her Hair

My daughter, Natalie will be 4 in November. She is an amazing little girl, who had the prettiest curly hair. .. I just had another baby 6 weeks ago, and during 'nap time'.. i opted to take a nap while the kids were sleeping.

BIG MISTAKE.. apparently Natalie wasn't as tired as we thought. I woke up to "Look Mommy! Don't I look pretty?".. all I could say was "Oh no!" --- we scrambled around, threw on a beanie & headed to the hair salon to see if there was anything they could do to fix it.


She had cut down to the scalp in SEVERAL places, including the very front. She had severed the length all the way around, except for the crown of her head... the pieces that were left were random, and not long enough to cover the many bald spots.

Natalie Before And After She Cuts Her Hair


natalie before she cuts her hair natalie after she cuts her hair


So, the hairdresser advised us that buzzing it may be not only the best option.. but in her opinion, the only option. *Sigh*

Her first day back to school is tomorrow morning.. we are super nervous about how it will go. Im so afraid that kids will laugh at her. Maybe this will teach her to be strong, and that beauty is more than hair. I hope a good lesson comes out of this, and not just traumatic memories. We'll see.



Natalie Cuts Her Hair

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