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Nail Whitener Information

Discolored finger or toenails can be very embarrassing. The good news is that you can get commercial nail whitener to help return your nails to looking healthier. There are also some home remedies for yellow, green, or white-spotted nails to consider. Use the nail whitener information in this article to make your best choice.


What Causes Nail Discoloration?

Nails turn odd colors usually because of fungus. Over one half of all nail infections begin with fungi that are in your air, the dust in your house, and even the soil in your yard. Fungus roots itself in the nail bed and turns nails a greenish hue. Other potential causes for a person’s nails looking oddly include certain medical conditions (like diabetes), some medications, and even genetic predisposition.

Homemade Nail Whitener ~ Nail Whitener Information

No matter the reason for the coloration in your nails, most people want to make their hands more attractive so they don’t feel so self-conscious, particularly during introductions. There are some things you can try in the privacy of your home to whiten your nails including:

Rubbing them with toothpaste (this will act as a polish too)

Soaking your nails in lemon juice or rubbing them with a fresh lemon slice. For very stubborn stains try mixing the lemon with baking powder and scrubbing with a toothbrush.

Soak them in a blend of 2 Tbs. baking soda mixed with 1 Tbs. hydrogen peroxide. This creates a paste that you apply to each nail and leave for about five minutes. Rinse well. Repeat this application every six weeks.

Denture cleaner works very well – just soak your fingers in a bowl of it.

Commercial Nail Whitener ~ Nail Whitener Information

You may find that the homemade approach does not work as well as you’d like. That’s where commercial products specifically for this purpose come into focus. They’re not terribly expensive. Both nail whiteners and / or nail whitening pencils usually cost less than $5.00.

That’s not a lot to achieve a healthy looking hand. The whitening pencil is only used under your fingertips (where the white part is normally). A soak, on the other hand, treats the whole nail and usually can be applied to either your hands or feet.

Some commercial nail whitener includes UV protection and various botanical to help keep your nails healthy after the treatment. Treatment usually takes about five minutes but if you have very bad discoloration you may need to do it more than once to get the desired results.


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