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Remember that in reading any nail product reviews that you want to truly explore the consumer's angle (not simply a web site promoting that product).

You can also review any complaints listed with the Better Business Bureau to get a feel for a hand care company's overall customer treatment and how they handle problems if any have been reported.

Also, don't forget to get online and record your own experiences with various nail care products.

You will be helping a lot of other people make informed choices.

Nail Product Reviews

Have you ever looked at all the different nail tools and wondered which ones you really needed?


The nail product reviews to follow on this web site will help you. Not only will you learn about various manufacturers but also how to safely utilize the tools you choose to add to your kit.


What are the Basics?

Keeping your nails well manicured requires a few basics. You’ll want a cuticle remover, polish remover, nail polish and nail hardener.

The nail hardener is particularly important if you have delicate nails, or work in an environment that really stresses them. By using a nail strengthener your nails won’t be so prone to chipping and cracking, which in some cases can cause painful hangnails.


Cuticle removers give your finger a finished look as does a good polish. The polish remover, of course, is to help clean off previous applications so you have a fresh palate on which to start with new colors and designs.

Other potential Tools:

There are other tools that come in very handy and work cooperatively with the basics. These include:
Acrylics: While this technically comes under nail polish, not all polishes are created equal. You want something that has a consistent color and that applies evenly with one stroke.

Callus Stones:

While these often get used on feet, hard working hands are not immune to calluses. To smooth the skin in a safe, effective manner a good callus stone is a fantastic tool that if you wish you can use in pedicures too.

Cuticle Sticks:

Use this to push the cuticle back before trimming. By gently applying the cuticle stick, you avoid tearing that can cause infection.

Hand Creams:

While this might not jump into your mind when thinking about nail products, its important to remember that your hands are a showcase for your nails. If your hands are dry, cracked or callused it will detract severely from any efforts your making to beautify your nails. 

Nail Buffers:

This is an optional tool because if you’re going to use a nail buff, it should not be done more frequently than once a month. If the surface of your nails is bumpy or uneven a buff smoothes that appearance before you apply polish.

Nail Files:

Some nail product reviews will likely indicate this as an essential basic, but manufacturers don’t make it easy to decide among the various types of nail files. You may only be thinking emery board – but no! Now nail files come in metal, glass, ceramic, and even diamond dust.

Nail Tips:

Nail tips extend the length of your nails or give them a more consistent appearance. Choose neutral colored ones, and watch that they’re not tapered severely for the most natural appearance. The alternatives to tips are sculpted nail forms that fit over your whole nail and get shaped to your preference.


Nail Product Reviews

Barielle Nail Products


Barielle Nail Cream
The best nail cream for beautiful nails, strengthens fragile or damaged nails, Formaldehyde free (so it doesn’t dry your nails further), encourages healthy nail growth, Antioxidants in the formula fight the signs of aging in nails


Barielle Nail Thickener
Repair damaged nails that are split, cracked or peeling with this nourishing nail treatment.


Barielle Natural Nail Camouflage
Damaged nails look healthy and clear and ridges are filled with a formula that nourishes the nail.


Barielle Fungus RX
An effective treatment for fingernail fungus and infections with ingredients that are registered with the FDA.


Barielle Nail Strengthener
A nail strengthening formula that repairs weak and brittle nails


Barielle Nail Polish
Try Barielle Shades polish for amazing colors and a polish that is easy on your nails


Nail Product Reviews

Cuticle Care Products


Nail Cuticle Cream
Cuticle cream should be a part of your manicure and are an important part of nail care


About Cuticle Scissors
Using cuticle scissors can help prevent hangnails, here is how to use cuticle scissors safely


Nail Cuticle Nippers
The sizes of nail nipper blades are quarter, half, or full. There are nippers with lap hinges or box hinges. Here is how to pick the size and type for your nails.


Nail Cuticle Pusher
How to use a cuticle pusher in your home manicure, cuticle pushers make you nails look longer and tidier.


Nail Product Reviews

French Manicure Products


French Manicure Pen
A French Manicure is always classic and romantic, go for pretty nails for wedding or everyday nail style


Nail product Reviews

Nail Buffers


Dead Sea Nail Buffer
The benefits of using Dead Sea Nail Buffers, they make use of your nail's natural oils for a healthy shine.


Nail Buffer Block
Choose the best nail buffers, compare nail buffer blocks and electric nail buffers.


Nail Product Reviews

Nail Files


Ceramic Nail File
If you have sensitive hands or nails a ceramic nail file may be your best choice, ceramic nail files are also good for those with any metal allergies.


Crystal Glass Nail Fiiles
A crystal nail file is gentle on your nails, these files are aslo good for toes and artificial nails


Diamond Nail Files
Diamond files are made from diamond dust to give you afile that is durable and easy to keep clean.


Electric Nail Files
Is an electric file right for you, see these benefits and precautions of using before you buy.


Metal Nail Files
Nail file comparison shows metal files as durable, long lasting, convenient, functional beauty tool with good results for minimum investment


Nail Product Reviews

Nail Fungus Products

Nail Polish Products


Organic Nail Polish
Organic polish is becoming more and more popular, and not just by pregnant women. Discover the benefits of organic nail polish.


Nail Polish Colors
Here is tips to choose your polish color, first you compliment your skin tone then the occasion and your outfit.


Dry Nail Polish
The new dry nail polish is actually a nail applique for the nail polish challenged, try dry polish for easy polished nails

Nail Scissors


Baby Nail Scissors

A baby's tiny fingernails and toenails should only be trimmed with baby nail scissors, here is how to use them safely.

Nail Whiteners


Nail Whitener Information
Try these easy homemade nail whiteners, very discolored or stained nails may need a commercial nail whitener



Nail Product Reviews


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