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“Brittle” Truth About Nail Polish Removers

While the great majority of polishes are relatively harmless to the nails, the same cannot be said for many polish removers.

These products, no matter how cleverly formulated or well manufactured, are essentially modified paint strippers, as even be faintest whiff of an open bottle attests.

Is it any wonder, then, that they can be drying and irritating to the nails and surrounding skin? In fact, if polish removers were any gentler, they probably wouldn’t work as effectively—or smell as badly—as they do!

Acetone and Nail Damage

Acetone, a solvent used in many popular brands of polish remover, is often singled out as a prime suspect when a woman’s nails show evidence of excessive dryness and brittleness. The reputation is at least partly deserved, since acetone is known to cause adverse reactions in some people and to weaken nails from the inside out if overused.

In fairness, however, it’s worth noting that any solvent strong enough to chemically dissolve nail polish is, by its very nature, likely to be drying and potentially damaging to the nails, regardless of what the label may say to the contrary. Nail polishes and enamels, like the paint on your house or the stain on your mom’s antique dresser, are made to be tough and long-lasting.

So it takes serious stuff to make them vanish with a few swipes of a cotton ball soaked in remover. What’s more, even products labeled as acetone-free are not always safe for people sensitive to it, because acetone derivatives such as acetate are commonly used as replacements and thus produce results similar to those of the better known ingredient.

Give Your Nails a Break

By exercising a little moderation and leaving them uncovered every so often. Overuse of polish remover, in particular— and of nail care products, in general—is far and away the leading cause of cracked, damaged nails.


Acetone Nail Polish Remover

acetone nail polish remover sampleAcetone is a strong solvent found in nail polish and nail polish removers. Here are some treatment to repair dryness cause by this acetone.
Acetone Nail Polish

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