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Nail Polish Colors, Pick Yours

Nail Colors ~ It's that time of year. What time? Well that depends, but your nail colors should celebrate the season no matter what it is! Using nail polish colors to portray a holiday, a mood, a muse or whatever is so playful and fun. Having said that, it's important to know how to use nail colors that suit not only your skin tones and occasion but also your outfit.

The Basics Of Polish Colors

Some say a smile is a lady’s letter of introduction, but in many cases a well-appointed hand says volumes. The key to your message depends on some specific factors. For example, when the winter holidays roll around don’t hesitate to add some sparkle and rich jewel tones. Meanwhile, spring is far lighter and more playful. The timing, however, is not your only consideration for successful nail polish colors.

Skin Tone

Darker skinned women look better in nail polish colors that have some yellow in them. Light complexions do well with nail colors that have a hint of blue. Medium skinned people can look to rich reds or wine hues, while olive skin should side with browns and gold.

Celebration / Observance

While your skin tone determines a key color element, that’s not the end of things. The setting you’re going into matters too. It’s one thing to go clubbing with amazing vibrant colors (that can shine even in dim light), it’s another to keep that nail finish when you go to work the next day!

Professional settings typically appreciate more restraint. So don’t forget to do a quick clean off the night before you have to go to the office, and replace any wild and whimsical nail polish colors with something more conservative.

The Colors of YOU

Another important factor in choosing nail colors is that they reflect how you feel and who you are. That’s where nail art has become really fun. Now it’s not just about color, but also the little pictures or symbols you can put on your nails. If we’re sticking with just color, however, don’t think you’re boxed in.

Celebrating “rainbow awareness” ??? Well wear rainbow colored polish! If it’s your birthday, wear the colors you love and that make you feel fabulous.

Nail Polish Foundation

A lot of people make the mistake of putting polish on an untreated nail. But just like a good face foundation makes a much more finished and smooth looking skin, a nail foundation helps hides bumps and nail blemishes.

Also don’t forget the little things. Make sure your nails are shaped, filed, and clean. From that foundation you can wear a lot of looks confidently. Don’t forget to round out your overall presentation with your other makeup products and jewelry that draws attention to where you want it most.
Enjoy, nail polish colors!


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