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Nail Cuticle Pusher

About Cuticle Pushers

One part of a good manicure is pushing back the fingernail cuticles using a nail cuticle pusher. The main reason for doing this is that it creates a tidier looking nail and also creates the illusion of longer nails. What is a Cuticle? A cuticle is comprised of dead layers of cells that make keratin. As the cells die they form a strip of skin at the bas of your fingernail.

The Basic Process

The process of using a cuticle pusher is pretty simple. Begin by oiling the cuticle. This helps you avoid cutting it because it’s brittle (cuts, in turn, can lead to infection). Additionally the oil makes using the cuticle pusher easier.

Next, take the flat end of the pusher and begin to gently move the cuticles back away from the tip of your nail (toward your knuckles). Repeat this basic process on every finger.

Finally using a cuticle cutter, trim them away. Make sure you only trim the cuticle, not the skin near your fingernail.

Cuticle Pusher Materials

Nail cuticle pushers come in a variety of materials ranging from stainless steel to orange wood. Generally, stainless is the base material of choice because it’s durable, easily cleaned and non-porous so it won’t collect germs that could infect your nails during the manicure.


It’s not advised that you over-manicure your hands as this can lead to infection. Cuticles can be pushed back using a nail cuticle pusher when they become over-grown. If the cuticle is simply dry, condition it with some Vitamin E oil and some good skin cream to nourish your fingernails and hands.


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