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Nail Cuticle Nippers

Using A Nail Nipper For Home Manicures

In shopping for items that allow you to give yourself the perfect home manicure, consider adding nail cuticle nippers to your list. If you’re planning on shaping your cuticles so that they are clean and reveal the whites of your fingernails, then this is close to an essential tool. It’s much safer to use cuticle nippers to trim your cuticle vs. nail cutters because they’re specifically shaped to fit your fingernail. They also have very sharp blades because cuticle skin can be relatively thick and hard to cut.

Note that this means you do have to be careful. If you don’t position the nippers properly you might cut living tissue.

Types of Cuticle Nippers

The main difference in nail cuticle nippers boils down to how their blades are designed as well as the hinge. Blades come in three different sizes (quarter, half and full jaw). For very fine work, the smaller nippers are better, but if your fingers are large then you may want to go to a half jaw.

In terms of hinges there are two types – lap hinges and box hinges (the later of which is a little more costly). The main advantage to box hinge is that they last longer than lap hinges and don’t grow loose.

Using Cuticle Nippers

The process for using cuticle nippers is basically identical to using cuticle scissors or knives. Begin by pushing back the cuticle gently over several days. When dead skin forms at the base of the nail, take the time to sterilize your nippers then carefully trim the dead skin away.

It’s not a bad idea to wash off the base of your fingernail with a little rubbing alcohol too (this safeguards against potential infection in case your nippers weren’t cleaned properly).

Nail Cuticle Nippers Precautions

As with cuticle scissors or knives some experts feel cuticles should never be cut. Using the dry, dead skin method described previously in this article is the safest way to trim cuticles back. Even when you do decide to trim cuticles, it’s not something to overdo. It’s simply not necessary and every time you start clipping you also open yourself to potentially nicking live skin.

Care of Cuticle Nippers

Nail cuticle nippers need to be kept clean and very sharp. You want to be able to trim away dead skin with one snip that’s doesn’t pull or tear. There are various services that can sharpen your nippers when they become dull and that cost is worth the safety a good blade provides.

If you sharpen your clippers you may not have to ever buy new ones for years. Remember that nail cuticle nippers should not be used on anything other than nail cuticles.

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