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Nail Cuticle Cream Information

Cuticle Cream Is One Part of a Good Manicure

Well-groomed hands are a key component to your overall well-being. While you may not think much about massaging your fingertips with nail cuticle cream, it’s a fantastic way to alleviate stress. It also softens the cuticle so that it’s easier to shape and trim.


Moisture is important to your fingernail and hand health. Cuticles act as a line of defense for your nails protecting them from infection, particularly your nail bed and nail root. But when the nail cuticle becomes over-grown or gets out of shape fungus or bacteria may lodge there and result in a nasty infection.

Cuticle cream nourishes the skin so the nail cuticle is able to do its job. Also, as you work cuticle cream into the skin you’re improving overall circulation, which contributes to healthy hands and nails.

What kind of Cuticle Cream?

In shopping for a nail cuticle cream you want one with healthy moisturizers like avocado. By far the main reason that cuticles dry and crack is because they’re not properly moisturized.

By the way, there are items in your pantry that can be substituted for a commercial product like honey, petroleum jelly, Vitamin E oil and vegetable oil. Just as with the commercial cuticle cream, rub this gently into the skin. If applied before bed, put gloves on to keep your hands moist all night long.

Other good ingredients to watch for in commercial cuticle creams include:
- shea butter
- lanolin
- coconut oil
- almond oil
- green tea
- cocoa butter

What are Cuticles Made of?

Cuticles are made from soft skin tissue that produces keratin. As the skin grows, some cells die off and may become cracked or dry. This is the tissue that should be treated and gently removed.

Summary: Using a good nail cuticle cream can help nourish your hands and fingernails. Rubbing the cream into the skin also contributes to good circulation. It’s important to keep your cuticles healthy so that they do not become dry, cracked and open the pathway to hand infections.

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