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Working Your Nails with Common Household Cleansers

Household cleansers and disinfectants also chip away at nail health, and are notorious for causing dryness and brittleness. The simple fix here is to wear rubber or latex gloves while you’re wiping, shining, scouring, or scrubbing.

Gloves, in fact, are a great idea for several different reasons: First, they insulate the nails and hands from harsh and potentially irritating chemical agents; second, they protect against the accidental nail breakage and chipping of polish that occur so often during vigorous manual work; and third, they shield your skin and nails from the legions of microbes that inhabit countertops, cooking surfaces, sinks, toilets, and other germ- friendly areas around the house.

For optimal nail health, you should really wear gloves not only when you clean house, but whenever you handle strong chemicals (as when you strip or stain a piece of furniture) or do rough work of any kind (such as gardening or waxing the car).

Dark Nail Polish ~ Nail Care Tips

The Darker Side of Some Nail Polish Shades
Nail cosmetics comprise yet another category in the list of potential nail wreckers. Polishes, surprisingly enough, are far from being the worst offenders, despite the staggering number of different brands, shades, and styles currently produced.

Fact is, most polishes coexist quite happily with the nails, with the exception of certain deep shades of brown, red, black and purple, which occasionally discolor the nails after removal.

The discoloration takes place when pigment from the polish seeps into the nail plate and leaves behind a yellowish cast even after the entire surface coat has been removed.

This yellowing, though admittedly unattractive, generally amounts to nothing more than a temporary nuisance, and the nails gradually regain their natural color as new growth replaces old. In the meantime, you can lighten the discoloration by buffing stained nails with a stiff-bristled brush and then washing with warm, soapy water.


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Nail Care Tips

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