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Nail Buffer Block

If you are looking for nail buffers, one option is a nail buffer block. This beauty tool is used to smooth out nails and give them a shiny finish. However, they're not the only type of buffer on the market. How do you know what's best for you?



How a nail buffer works

Nail buffer blocks are durable like ceramic and glass nail files. They’re particularly useful if you have thick nails that you cant to thin out and polish. They’re also useful if you have fake nails that you want to shape and gloss. If you wish, you can use them with oil to really smooth out those tiny abrasions (the oil also treats your cuticles).

The buffer block typically has two sides, one of which has a rougher grit than the other. You begin with that side, filing your nails in one direction. Then you turn over the block for a more sophisticated finish using the fine surface. If you’ve ever done any sanding, the principle is similar.

Some nail blocks include a third (and even fourth) surface intended for the next step after smoothing and shaping, namely bringing the surface of your fingernail to a full shine. This polish is pretty durable. You shouldn’t have to use the polishing side(s) more than once a week unless you do a lot of manual work that damages your nails.

Comparison to Electric Nail Buffers

In a techno-gadget society, the electric nail buffer might sound like a cool idea. There’s no question that a good quality electric nail buffer stimulates nail growth and creates a professional shine.

However, a nail buffer block only costs between $3.00 and $13.00. By comparison an electric nail buffer can put you back as much as $350!

Since it’s not recommended that you do a tenacious buffing more than every four weeks, spending hundreds of dollars seems a little much.

Most often, people who opt for electric nail buffers are professionals who value them in business for speed, accuracy and overall results. Having said that, by taking just a little extra time and using a manual nail buffer block can produce some pretty amazing results that are far more budget-friendly.


A nail buffer block is a very affordable and portable tool for your hand and nail beauty kit. It’s very safe to use, and easy to control. Because the buffer offers three to four different grits, you can get a very refined finish on your nails without ever going to a salon. By comparison to some other types of nail files (such as glass, diamond dust, and ceramic), it’s well within a decent price range and offers similar durability.


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