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Mya Curly Hairstyle

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Work With Your Natural Curls

International singing sensation Mya is a perfect example of the fact that African American women with curly hair can wear styles that are stunning.

What Mya does is something that every woman with black hair should do as well - she envelops and works with her curls.

Fighting the fact that you have naturally curly, African American hair can be a battle that simply feels like it is not worth the effort a lot of the time.

And, you know what, if you can find a good looking hairstyle that suits your curls, then you can stop fighting and simply enjoy your locks the way that they are.

In the end, you will find that your hair will also retain a far healthier appearance by you not using an abundance of hair products and styling tools to force the kink out of your curls.

Mya shows that curly hairstyles for African American women's hair are beautiful. Not to mention the fact that there are countless ways to style your curls.

You can wear your great looking curly hairstyle anywhere that you need to go and be sure that you and your locks will appear radiant.

This particular style that Mya is wearing her curly hair in is the right choice for many different occasions. You can get away with this look for an evening out or for more casual times as well.

Mya has had her curly tresses cut short in the front, which allows her hair to form delightful ringlets.

Your locks do not have to be medium like Mya’s are to achieve this hairstyle. Even fine black hair will look dashing in a cut such as this.

The maintenance necessary to keep this style looking top notch is very minimal. This is ideal for the busy woman as you can get ready in such a small amount of time.

If your face shape is oval, round, oblong or diamond, you may wish to try Mya’s look on your African American locks.

Mya does not make use of bangs for her chic curls, however that is a choice left up to you. If bangs are your preference, feel free to implement them into your look.

Style Inspiration

Styling Steps - Mya's Hairstyle

Beauty And The Bath
  • Wash your hair preferably with products designed for African American naturally curly locks.
  • With a bottle of spray gel at least three inches from your head, mist lightly with the product.
  • A golf ball sized amount of mousse should now be distributed evenly throughout your tresses. Use a pick or a comb to place your hair in the desired position.
  • Bend at the waist and with a diffuser attached to your hair dryer, scrunch with your fingers while you dry your locks.
  • Start at the middle of your forehead and drag the tail end of your comb back to create an even middle part.
  • Pull the back of your hair to the side and pin your locks securely into place.
  • With gel on your fingertips, scrunch your hair carefully.
  • Mist with hairspray for a hold that lasts. If desired, you can always adorn the side or back of your hair with hair accessories of your choice.

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Mya Curly Hairstyle
Updated December 16, 2012

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