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Mustache styles are greatly varied when it comes to style and form, and you'll find that whether you are looking for a new style or you are thinking about growing one that there are many options and kinds for you to consider.

Though shaving was thought to be at least a sporadic occurrence from the Neolithic on, which is when thin shaving blades could be made out of flaked flint, the some of the more concrete evidence that we have of a deliberately created mustache dates back to 300 BC, on a Scythian horseman.

Somewhat earlier, in 1800 BC, an Egyptian Pharaoh had signed into existence a decree that forbade mustaches, while in China, the great thinker Confucius, who lived around 500 BC is often shown with a long mustache and beard.

In a more modern context, you can see that the mustache tradition is one that is alive and well.

There are many different types of mustache styles that you can choose, and you'll find that while some styles require a great deal of care and daily maintenance, that others will simply require patience.

If you are thinking of cultivating a mustache yourself, you should acquaint yourself with some of the more common mustaches that you'll find. Among mustache fans, a well-groomed mustache that simply covers the upper lip and does not move beyond the corners of the mouth is known as a office mustache.

While this is a very respectable style, it is often dismissed as being too conservative. However, if this is the style that most appeals to you, you'll find that it can be a great addition to your face. Take care to clip it every day and to keep it sharp. This type of mustache is often allowed to be quite luxuriant.

mustache stylesFor a gentleman who is more interested in something a bit thinner, there is the English mustache, which was quite popular among military men of the British Empire. These mustache styles are characterized by being quite narrow, with the whiskers that are quite long and pulled to the side.

Occasionally, the ends are slightly curled and the ends will point upwards. This is an excellent style for someone who is looking for something quite classic and doesn't mind putting in the extra time to keep the hairs well trimmed.

For something more dramatic and even a little diabolical, consider the Dali mustache, which is as narrow as the English mustache but where the ends are styled in such a way as to point very steeply upwards. This style is often seen with a small goatee and must be quite aggressively styled. The use of gel or stying product is necessary to get the effect as it is described.

Some mustache styles we identify as being somewhat theatrical, but with some conditioning and some work, they can be easily adapted into a fun visual experiment or even your signature trademark.


Take, for example, the Fu Manchu mustache styles, which is a mustache with thin, downward pointing ends; usually this style ends below the chin and occasionally the strands will end a good foot below your face!

The Pancho Villa resembles the Fu Manchu, but it is much thicker and not as long.

The secret to many of these mutache designs is a good quality mustache wax.

For something much smaller, but no less recognizable, take a look at the toothbrush mustache, which is a thick mustache that is only an inch or so wide, resting almost completely under the nose. This style has, predictably enough, fallen out of favor due to its association with Adolf Hitler.

For a more startling effect, think about the GG, which is a style of mustache that is grown only over the corner of the mouth, leaving the middle area directly under the center of your nose clean shaven, or the horseshoe, where a full mustache is grown down to bracket the corners of the mouth down the line of a man's chin.


Mustache Competition

Every two years, the World Beard and Mustache Championships are held, and men from all over the world gather to show off their meticulously groomed facial hair.

mustache-styles-burkhFrom Jeff Well, who took the championship for the Dali division in 2003 to Georg Lutz pictured left who took the championship in the English Division in 2007, it is easy to see that these men have invested a great deal of loving care into their mustache.

The collection of Moustache Styles shown on this page are courtesy of www.worldbeardchampionships.com visit their site for an incredible selection of moustaches and beards.

Root for your favorites in the next World Championships to be held in Anchorage Alaska May 23, 2009


mustache styles
mustache styles

As you can see, there are a number of different mustach styles for you to enjoy when you are considering mustache styles and designs, so take a look around and think about what could be flattering your face!

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