Mud Baths, Pamper Yourself With Mud?

natural mud bathFor many women, the idea of being luxuriously clean and pampered has very little to do with getting dirty and the truth is, neither do mud baths! You can find mud baths in many of the high-end spas that offer alternative treatments, and for many attendees, a session simply isn't complete without one.

If you are curious about these baths and you are looking forward to taking the plunge, take a look at some facts about this ancient institution.

In the first place, you'll find that the mud used for these baths is quite different from the muck that you see on the roads. In fact, you'll find that the dust and ash used for mud baths are frequently exported from far away.

While many spas will have their own secret recipes for the baths that they will provide, you'll often see that volcanic ash, peat and specific types of mineral water are often used in varying qualities.

If you live on the West Coast, particularly in the Napa Valley region of California, you'll find that this bath is quite common and enjoyed by a wide variety of people.

If you have never been in this bath bath before, you'll find that you have a wonderful experience ahead of you. To begin with, you will be immersed in the mud bath for about ten to fifteen minutes, and an attendant will help you in and out of the tub.

mud-bath-relaxingThe mud will be quite warm; the temperature usually hovers at about a hundred degrees Fahrenheit, which is right above the temperature of the human body.

You may be surprised by the fact that you will “float” underneath the surface of the mud, and many people find this feeling of weightlessness without buoyancy to be quite relaxing.

After washing off, you will be taken to a mineral whirlpool bath where you will get totally clean and you'll be able to really feel the wonderfully relaxing effects of your mud therapy.

Almost all the people who use these baths find that they emerge from the experience wonderfully relaxed and ready to face the rest of their week, but many people suspect that the benefits go far beyond simple relaxation.

Historically, the use of volcanic ash and hot water have been used to relieve arthritis, but today, many people seek out the reviving effects of a mud bath in order to detoxify their skin.

If you often feel as if your skin is dirty no matter how much you wash, or you feel as though it is too tight, this bath might be just what you need.

When you are considering a mud bath, remember that you might want to avoid it if you are sensitive to sulfur smells, or if you have claustrophobia, as you will be submerged to your neck in the mud.

Further, if you are pregnant or on any medication, make sure to check with your doctor before you give this treatment a try.

Take some time to see what this wonderfully relaxing treatment can do for you, and if it is available and you are so inclined, you're sure to find a great experience waiting for you!

Mud Baths

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