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Mothers Day At The Spa

Mother's Day Spa

A Mothers Day at the spa is an excellent way to treat mom to a day of relaxation and tranquility. One of the great advantages of a Mother’s Day Spa is that you can easily fit a spa into your budget. If you are looking for affordable solutions, you can create your own Mother’s Day gift basket by filling it with spa goodies. Those with a greater budget can send mom to a local spa or even an exquisite hotel spa for a five star treatment. You can choose from day spas or full luxury spas depending upon your budget needs.


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It’s a good idea to call ahead and schedule the spa sessions well in advance. This will ensure that mom’s day is reserved and will progress flawlessly.

You can also determine ahead of time what package would best meet your mother’s needs, and choose from treatments such as manicures, pedicures, massages, facials, body treatments, acupuncture, and special packages.

There are many options and selections available to choose from, and the length of the retreat can vary as well. You might find that a four-hour, day spa is the perfect gift, or treat your mom to an entire weekend getaway.

No matter the length or type of spa treatment your budget allows, you can rest assured that your mom will enjoy her retreat and Mothers Day at the spa.

Body scrubs, body wraps, therapeutic massage, clay wraps, Swedish Massage, reflexology, Aromatherapy, saunas, whirlpools, and herbal treatments are just a few of the options available for those who prefer to rejuvenate at a spa.

Mothers Spa Gift Basket Ideas

If you need to create a Mother’s Day spa gift basket, you’ll find that you can do so without great difficulty. First, you’ll need a generously sized basket, cellophane, shredded paper, and a ribbon. Your spa items can include items such as pedicure sets, manicure sets, perfume, body scrubs, facial treatments, bubble baths, loofah sponges, body butter, bath salts, aromatherapy items, gels, masks, candles, massage oils, eye pillows, and makeup.

Assemble your chosen items and line the bottom of your basket with colorful, shredded paper. Place the items on top of the paper. If you would like to secure your basket you can use a foam block and wrap it in tissue paper and place it inside the basket. By using glue dots, you can attach your gift items to bamboo wood skewers and stake them into the foam block.

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This gives a finished appearance and you won’t need to worry that your items aren’t secure. When finished wrap the basket and contents in cellophane. Secure the top with a rubber band, and then tie a ribbon around it.

There is no doubt that a Mother’s Day Spa is the ultimate gift, however, to ensure that your gift accomplishes everything that you intend, careful planning is of the essence. First, you’ll need to determine your budget and then choose a location that provides the services you think your mother or mother in law will most enjoy.

There are so many options available when choosing spas and your mother might prefer a makeover, while another might prefer a deep tissue massage, so choose according to your recipient’s personal preferences.

It’s also important to note that many spas are well equipped to handle pregnant woman for a Mothers Day at the spa, including a maternity massage, is perfect for the first time, mom to be. With so many options available, every mother can be pampered with a Mothers Day at the spa.


Mothers Day At The Spa

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