Monica Hansen Hairstyles

Model, Monica Hansen's hairstyle is long, layered and luscious. Monica Hansen's hairstyle lets the world know that long locks are still lovely and very much in style.

While many women are cultivating towards shorter, trendy hairstyles, there are those like Monica Hansen that prefer to keep their hair long.

Straight And Simple Layering

Long locks are fashionable when they are kept up to date with long layers throughout like Monica Hansen's hairstyle.

Monica Hansen hairstyles do abide by the - less is more, aspect.

She keeps her hairstyle incredibly simple with a center part and allowing her hair to fall loose and free.

This is a hairstyle that is fuss free with an abundance of style.

This long, layered hairstyle of Monica Hansen's shows that you do not have to sport an elaborate hairstyle that has been primped to look fantastic.

Monica Hansen hairstyles have a few different shades of blonde ranging from very light to incredibly dark.

This is a good method to offer intensity and shine to your hair and also prevents your roots from being so noticeable in between colors.

model monica hansen hairstyle

Easy Styling

  • Wash your hair with products that are made for your own hair type.
  • Towel dry gently and detangle your locks with a wide tooth comb.
  • Distribute a palmful of styling mousse throughout damp strands with your fingers use the edge of your comb and starting in the middle of your forehead, work backward until you have created an even part.
  • Divide your hair into sections that are small and easy to manage.
  • Blow your hair dry, alternating between using a vented brush and your fingers.
  • Direct your hair down, tousling gently to offer some fullness.
  • When you are drying your crown, lift the roots for a touch of volume which will prevent your hairstyle from appearing flat.

Once your hair is dry, you can slightly curl the ends under with a large barrelled curling iron if you wish use a dime sized dab of pomade on your fingers and pinch the ends of your locks to keep your layers looking lovely and giving them extra definition.


Author: Tanna Mayer
Updated: February 23, 2015

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Monica Hansen Hairstyles