Modern Hairstyles, The Longer Rounded Bob

Modern hairstyles can be basically classified as any hairdo that is slightly unique, trendy and all your own.

It is very hip these days to put a personal stamp on the hairstyle that you wear.

Timeless hairstyles with an updated twist are making their comeback to create modern hairstyles that are completely fashionable and offer you an up to the minute look that you are bound to love.

There has probably never been a hairstyle embraced and worn in so many different ways as the Bob hairstyle has. Big screen siren Louise Brooks started the Bob movement and females world wide have never looked back.

With the Bob, blunt is beautiful, bold and never boring. As stated however, who wants to wear their hair in a tired, old style from the past? Not the progressive women of today, that is for sure.

Modern styles are what ladies of today are after and with cuts such as the rounded Bob, that is the exactly what they can have.

The Modern Bob

If you allow your mind to drift back to Dorothy Hamill and her adorable wedge haircut, you will have an idea of what the rounded Bob hairstyle is.

You may be thinking that you simply could not wear a hairstyle that is so cute and innocent and- well, let's face it, not as up to date as you would like.

modern rounded bob

The good news is that as with many other modern hairstyles, the rounded Bob takes elements from classic cuts and brings them to the present with a bang.

The rounded Bob as Dorthy wore it called for the commitment to clip your hair short, however, you are afforded far more versatility with this modern hairstyle.

long rounded bob hairstyle

womens modern hairstyle

Featured Hairstyle Styling Steps

  • Wash your hair with products designed for your specific hair type and condition
  • Towel dry gently and detangle with a wide tooth comb If desired you can lightly mist on some spray gel or work a small amount of mousse through damp locks
  • Use a rounded brush to dry your hair working in small sections. Pull your hair down and under while drying
  • Once dry, you can use a large barrel curling iron to roll your ends under even more

The Rounded Bob

The longer rounded Bob is an ideal modern style as this cut fills your locks with a high, glossy shine that shows off this hairdo perfectly.

The same is true for the rounded Bob as it is with most other Bob hairstyles, it can be worn by virtually anyone. This modern hairstyle works well with almost all hair types and textures.

rounded bob short bangs

A rounded Bob is a terrific option for those seeking a modern look as it is fully adaptable for any and all situations.

long layered rounded bob

A simple headband would alter your look and be beautiful for a simple lunch, a bejeweled headband on the other hand would dress up your Bob for some after dark entertaining.

This modern longer Bob hairstyle is also chic enough to stand totally on its own, styled in it's simplistic form.

side rounded bob

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Author: Tanna Mayer
Updated: March 30, 2015

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