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Modern Corsets

When we are talking about modern corsets, we are not thinking about heavy tight lingerie worn by women for centuries in order to look more appealing, pendant, and slimmer.

Corsets- a Must Have in a Woman's Closet!

The thing about corsets, the most wonderful characteristic is the fact that it shapes your top, creating a clepsydra effect, increasing your bust and slimming down your hips.

Types of Corsets Available

Not all women have worn a corset before and that's because most of them still have the impression that they are heavy and uncomfortable.

But the fabric has changed over time. Nowadays, corsets can be worn as a part of lingerie, under the shirt, or they can be seen by everybody by combining it with some tight jeans and high heels.

There are a lot of corsets on the market. They are available in different colors and different sizes and the best part is that they can be worn by every type of woman.

There are corsets that can be closed at the back, with some strings, these being the traditional ones; corsets with a zipper in front, more easily accessed; there are the complete ones, which have incorporated the underwear and those which look like a summer undershirt.

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Published May 11, 2012

Special Corsets

The modern corset lingerie is made either from a soft fabric, such as satin or silk and implanted with a lightweight steal or plastic to support the corset.

If you want something different, you can always pick black leather corsets, for an interesting night with your loved one.

First, choose the specially designed corset for outer wear, to take a glance of how it feels when you are wearing it.

You can wear it in a night club with your friends, or even at a late dinner. You are sure to see a positive reaction from those close to you.

Paige Corset

Pros of Wearing a Corset

Make sure you loosen up the strings before wearing a corset, and try not to squeeze it too hard on yourself as you do not want to create an uncomfortable outfit.

The positive side to wearing a corset is that it shapes your body beautifully, making you look thinner, curvaceous, and more attractive in every possible way.

A good corset can emphasize your bust; if you are one of those ladies who have problems with selecting the right bra, do note that a corset can sometimes help more with support than a usual bra.

Another thing that you should know when wearing a corset is that it's good for your spine, because it keeps it straight and forces you to walk straight and not hunchbacked.

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